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Perhesafarit has provided experiences for its customers in the Lapland wilderness for over twenty years.

The duration of the snowmobile safari that Perhesafarit arrange, can varie from two hours to a few days. The most popular safaris are described in our webpage If the existing safaris don't please you, feel free to ask for an offer by emailing us to or by calling to +358 (0)16 643861. With snowmobile safaris you can combine different activities, as an example husky or reindeer rides, also snacks or a meal can be combined.


In case if you want to cruise on your own around the Levi region by snowmobile. Perhesafarit has a rental service open daily between 09.00 - 18.00. The prices and snowmobile models you can find from our website


All the snowmobiles that Perhesafarit has in use are environmentally friendly four-stroke snowmobiles. The smallest of the family can enjoy the safari in a heated sled which is towed by our guides. Swanshore is our privately owned hut by Perhesafarit, that is located in the wilderness. Swanshore is a destination where you can enjoy typical Lappish snacks, drinks and even meals that are prepared by our professional personnel. Feel free to contact as for further information.


All equipment needed (overall, boots, mittens, balaclava and a helmet) for driving snowmobile are included in our rental and safari prices. If you have a need for warm clothes, we hire overalls and boots for the time of your holiday.


Please note, that you need to have a valid driving license to be allowed to drive a snowmobile. Remember to take the driving license with you when you plan to go snowmobiling!


OUR OFFICE IS LOCATED IN THE LEVI CENTER, IN BETWEEN THE HOTEL SIRKANTÄHTI AND THE LEVI MARKETPLACE. During the winter season we are open daily between 09.00 - 18.00.


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