Hiihtäjänkuja 10
99130 Sirkka

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The Sushi Bar Asia in Levin Tori offers delicious Asian tastes . Our Japanese Chef prepares only the best sushis, salads, soups etc. Also take-away.

Making room for Sapuška was not the end of the Asia Brasserie & Sushi – quite the contrary, the restaurant has re-opened in the premises of the former Kana and Kannu restaurant. The exotic surroundings and mystical decor contribute to the restaurant’s unique, sensuous atmosphere. Enjoy some sushi skillfully crafted by Akira Omori or a savoury fondue with an Asian twist. Instead of a traditional fondue, we offer our customers the opportunity to make their fondue a no-holds-barred exploration of a multitude of flavours. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a night together in the best Asian hot-pot tradition. If you wish to only stop by and grab a quick bite, simply select some sushi straight from a glass cabinet or why not surprise your friends at the cabin with some takeaway? We are also open during lunch hours.

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