Autumn in Levi is full of adventures!

Summer activities meet the winter in Levi!

During the autumn holidays you can enjoy both summer and winter activities in Levi. 
Enjoy the northern lights shows, go hiking or biking breathing in the world's cleanest air,
explore the nature, go skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing, visit Levi
activity park(open until 18.10) or relax in the sauna and pools at the Spa.
Enjoy the pristine nature and peacefull
atmosphere with fun activities. 

Levi is an ideal holiday destination for families with children, all the services are easy to reach,
activities are available on a daily basis and the village is compact - everything is nearby. 
Stay in a alpine style apartment in the middle of Levi center, a cozy cabin near Levi's services,
enjoy your stay in one of the beautiful hotels or sleep under a glass-roof in the northern lights accommodations

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Northern Lights accommodations

Autumn is a great time to see the northern lights in Levi. Northern lights can be spotted as early
as end of August, and before the snow covers the beautiful nature, it is possible to see the double
northern lights, northern lights and their reflection on the surface of our lakes and rivers.
Many excursions to see the northern lights run nightly and the northern lights accommodations
welcome you to admire the northern lights shows directly from the comfort of your bed!

Wow! A memorable night in one of the incredible northern lights accommodation! A dream come true!
In Levi there are excellent deals for glass-roofed northern lights accommodations in autumn 2020!

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Outdoor activities all day long!

At Levi you can enjoy outdoor activities all day long.
Start the day with skiing on the slopes or cross-country skiing, visit the huskies and 
go for a horseback riding in the afternoon, and end the day with the northern lights hunt!

If the weather is not just would you'd like it to be, the Gym, Spa or movie theater may well fill your day!

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We will consider all the safety issues to prevent Covid-19 to pervade and we will follow the rules and
instructions of the Finnish government. We wish all our guests will do that also! We reserve the right to
modify the program in case of necessity.