Vellamo wilderness cabin

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A unique cabin in Levi that offers every detail to be able to relax and connect with the lappish environment.
It is included with icefishing, ice swimming, snowshoeing and more - in the middle of nowhere!

Vellamo Cabin offers a perfect size of lodge for 2/3 adults:
  • Fireplace where you can cook, as an extra has a gas kitchen for extra cooking spots.

  • WC is an artic toilet located 10 meters from the cabin.

  • Sauna is next to the living room inside the cabin.

  • King size bed.

  • Accesories included: Ice fishing equipment, Snowshoes, ice breaker equipment, bed linen, towels and blankets.

  • River is located 10 meters from the cabin

  • Outdoor has a teepee where you can make a fire and enjoy warm the natural night show.

  • Cabin offers:

  • We offer you snacks and beverages that you can find from your cabin kitchen.

  • Also we have towels and bed linen included in your cabin price.

  • Firewood are included. For sauna and also for heating the cottage.

  • You can also find ice fishing equipment and snowshoes in your cabin.

  • Please be careful when going on the ice. We update in the information wall when ice is
    not safe to go, please check it always from our information wall! If you are not sure if the
    ice is safe, ask us or do not go on the ice by yourself.

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