Arctic Camp Tent - Pokka with breakfast and dinner

Kittilä Municipality
2 Beds
0 kpl
No pets

Imagine thousands of hectares of wilderness in Finnish Lapland. Stress disappears and calm descents.
Peace and quiet that will do you good. Only the things that matter, nothing unnecessary. Your body relaxes and your mind rests.

You have found something special. Something that you cannot find anywhere else. Welcome to ArcticCampTent Pokka.

ArcticCampTent Pokka, located in Pokka in Kittilä, in the middle of Lappish wilderness, is an innovative and high-end travel location
and once in a lifetime nature experience designed especially for couples, families of 2-4 or for small groups of friends.
This unique travel service combines an unforgettable experience with brilliant service, Finnish design, moving in nature using our
muscles and local food and culture spiced with memorable stories.

The base for this experience will be Aapelinmäki, an atmospheric traditional log cabin located in the village of Pokka, 70km from Levi
towards the north surrounded by large areas of government lands. Located near the cabin are two high-end glamping tents where
you can stay comfortably in arctic conditions. You will be rewarded by the pure Lappish nature, local food, and the calm which
puts things in perspective.

This authentic travel experience contains taking your time and enjoying leisure, as well as enjoying the small things,
like the nature and quiet surrounding you. Getting to know the village of Pokka and its people. Heating up the cabin and
wood-heated sauna. Taking time for yourself and relaxing. Sitting by the fire sharing stories. The possibility of seeing the northern lights.
Life at the cabin just like it used to be, but with just enough modern comforts sprinkled on.

Please note

For overnight stays there are 2 glamping tents that each house 2 persons. The tents have eco toilet and hand washing possibility. The log cabin adds
comfort by functioning as a reception as well as a breakfast area. It boasts a large main room and an atmospheric sauna.
The cabin has no electricity, it is heated just like in the olden days with wood. The tents have oil and gas heating.

Price 249 eur/2 persons, includes::

  • night at Arctic Camp tent

  • fantasy pizza for dinner

  • sauna

  • breakfast

  • if needed transfer to Pokka and back (you can come also by own car)