Aurora wilderness cabin, breakfast and light evening snack

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Have a luxurious night enjoying the calmness of forest by spending it in Aurora wilderness cabin.
Our Aurora cabins are located on a peaceful spot in the middle of wilderness. Our guide will take you across the
woods to the cabins and make sure you can settle comfortably. From end of May until end of July you can admire
the Midnight Sun (weather permitted) and from end of August until beginning of April you can take a chance on
seeing the sky full of stars or even Northern Lights by taking a walk in the woods, or admire the views from
inside the cabin, since one side of the cabin is a big window and also on the roof there is a window.
Inside the cabin is also an eco-toilet for your convenience. Polar Lights Tours is just a 10-minute drive from central Levi.
Light evening meal and breakfast with Finnish specialties are included.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in 2 persons Aurora cabin

  • Light evening snack

  • Breakfast

  • Felt boots in a cabin

  • Transportation is not included in the price.

    Please note, no guarantee of seeing Northern lights


    • Muoniontie 955, 99130 Sirkka
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    • Distance to to ski resort 10,00 km