Sky Suite - Hotel Levi Panorama, breakfast incl

Levi centre
2+2 Beds
0 kpl
No pets

Sky Suites are designed to meet the needs of the guests and offer different kind of luxury in the vicinity of
Levi Fell Village. In a Sky Suite it’s possible to spend the night in a glass roofed "igloo" under the Lappish
sky, or choose to sleep in the comfort of the hotel room.
The 3 Sky Suites are located in the upper floors 4,5 and 6. Sky Suites have a spacious combined bedroom
and living area and bathroom. Bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and high-end toiletries. Sky Suites
open up to the ski slopes and Levi Fell Village. There are 1oocm wide, comfortable beds for two and a
divan sofa which can be turned into a 120cm wide extra bed for one adult or two children under 12-years
of age. In addition, Sky Suites have an additional glass-roofed and glass walled living area furnished with
a double bed and comfortable seating. Spacious rooms are 37m² in size and glass igloo 31m².
Welcome to Hotel Levi Panorama - a unique scenic hotel in Lapland
Hotel Levi Panorama is a high-class hotel located on one of Levi fell tops only a 15 minute drive from Kittilä
international airport. The views from the hotel stretch out in all directions across the hills and plains of
Lapland. The bright and spacious hotel rooms are well suited for business travellers, families with children
and couples seeking a romantic atmosphere.


  • Tunturitie 205, 99130 Sirkka
  • Levi centre
  • Distance to to ski resort 0,00 km