Levi Adventure Park provides action-packed thrills with long zipline flights and multiple high ropes courses. From the Adventure Park you can find a total of 63 different challenges and an 888m long Santa's Zipline Marathon!
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Adventure Park

Challenge yourself at the adventure park

Levi Adventure Park provides action-packed thrills with long zipline flights and multiple high ropes courses. From the Adventure Park you can find a total of 63 different challenges and an 888m long Santa's Zipline Marathon!

Buy in advance online 
you can buy your adventure in advance online, however, it is not required, you may also buy tickets on-site from the Adventure Park. We are currently restricting the maximum number of people at the adventure park, to ensure all customers have enough space. If you can't find available tickets for the date you wish, please give us a call +358207960208 if we have open slots.

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Adventure Courses

The Adventure Park is located next to a fell pond offering several courses from easy ones to challenging ones. The high ropes courses are fun and do not require previous climbing experience.

  • Minimum height for adventures is 120 cm
  • Two training courses according to amount of customers. The higher adventure courses require passing the training course
  • You may choose your adventure level according to your courage.
  • The most challenging courses take you up to 8 meters but you may stay also on the lower level
  • During the courses, you get to taste a few fun ziplines. The longest one is up to 70 meters long.
  • During summer/autumn season a free easy course is offered for smaller children under the supervision of parents. 10 elements with max. height of meter and no harness required.
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Santa's zipline marathon

Marathon consists of ten ziplines, the longest one of which is over 100 meters long. Between the ziplines, you will find adventure courses and challenges. The first zipline begins from the height of 12 meters, after which you will move forward to further flights and performing adventure courses. On your way, you will find and visit Santa's Cabin – this time perched above the park, at the height of 10 meters.

  • Heights of the ziplines vary between 7-12 meters
  • The total length of the marathon is 888 meters
  • Required minimum height is 150 cm and weight 45 kilos
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Base jump

Do you have the courage to step into nothingness from 12 meters? You will climb up to a tower and make a leap of faith by stepping into thin air. Will you do it with your eyes open?

  • Our staff will instruct you about the safety system before entering the Adventure Park
  • To get to the base jump tower, you will need to first pass the adventure courses
  • Stepping into thin air will likely pause your breath for a second, but no worries, the safety controls will take you down safely to the ground.

Ticket price summer 2022

You may buy tickets in advance from our webstore or on-site from Adventure Park. Ticket sales at Adventure Park will be closed one hour before the closing time.

Prices include VAT. We reserve the right to changes without prior notice.

Adventure Park Experience: incl. Adventure Courses, Santa´s Zipline Marathon and Base Jump (>150 cm and 45 kg) 45 €
Adventure Courses (over 12y, >120 cm)30 €
Adventure Courses (6-11y, >120 cm) 25 €
Santa´s Zipline Marathon (>150 cm and 45 kg)25 €
Base Jump (>150 cm)15 €
Gloves 4 €


The Adventure Park can be opened outside of regular opening hours for groups larger than 15 persons. To make a group reservation, contact us at activitypark@levi.fi. Groups of 10 people or more receive a -10% discount and groups over 25 people receive a -15% discount.

General information

The adventures start at the Activity Park rental office, on the second floor of Gondola building. All of the ropes courses are suitable for all adults and children with a regular or fair physical condition. Members of the staff will instruct every adventurer on safety issues and help you with your safety gear which includes helmets and harnesses. We recommend that you wear shoes that support your ankles.

Guidelines of adventurepark

The adventure starts on the west side of Levitunturi from the Activity Park rental, where safety equipment, i.e. safety harness, helmet and gloves are put on. We also go through the instructions and guidelines of the Adventure Park. Participation in any of the Adventure Park activities must always be overseen by the Adventure Park personnel. Dress according to the weather and wear proper shoes. Gloves are required in the Adventure Park. All adults and children with good health can climb the tracks, taking into account the height and weight limits. The standard weight limit for zipline and adventure courses is 120 kg.

To ensure a safe and fun adventure for everyone, each participant in the Adventure Park activities agrees to follow and adhere to the instructions, guidelines, and rules as presented by the Adventure Park personnel and the info signs in the park premises. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines before your adventure. 

Adventure park guidelines

Ask for more information from the helpful personnel of the Levi Adventure Park. Youth between 15-18 years of age are allowed to enter the Adventure Park with a written permission from a responsible adult. Children younger than 15 years always need to have a responsible adult present during the activity.

The area of Adventure Park is open also for viewers and supporters.  Adventure Park is a non-smoking, alcohol-free area. Levi Adventure Park is managed by Faszinatour.

Welcome to the adventure!