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What could be better than to capture them in pictures and share them with others! We have gathered the best tips on where to go, how and when to take a memorable photo.

Be sure to capture at least these!


The best place to photograph the gorgeous color spectacle of a sunset is of course
from the top of Levi fell. In winter, the sun sets behind Aakenus and Kätkä. Later on,
in spring, it sets behind Pallas. Colors and atmosphere are at their best
30 minutes before and after the sun goes down.
The best viewing locations are near Tuikku (close to lifts 5 and 12).
You can get to Tuikku by car, skis or walking. 


Levi’s most iconic photographing spot is known from the Christmas story movie
– Santa's Cabin. The cottage is easy to get to throughout the year,
and from the cabin and its terrace you can see the stunning landscape of Lapland.

Skiing/snowboarding: Santa's cottage is located between slopes 11 and 13.
The best view of the cabin is from the gondola 2000- lift and slope/lift no. 11.
In winter you can get to the cabin from slope no. 11, so when you can see the cottage
on your right, just ski towards it. Another option is to ski down the World Cup slope
(no. 13) and turn left at around 20 metres (65 ft), where the fence ends.
Just ski down for as long as you can see the cabin below you. 

Walking: You can get to the cottage using snowshoes and the same routes as skiing
and using the gondola lift. In summer you can also get to the cottage by taking the
gondola from the Ice Age trail from or by walking up from the gondola lift station.


The auroras will start appearing from the end of August, and the season continues
all the way to April. To see the auroras, you will need a nearly cloudless sky and as little light pollution as possible. Statistically, midnight is the best time for the auroras.

Selected tips on photographing the auroras at Levi:
1. Tuikku parking lot at the fell
2. Any open space with no lights
3. Korkeaniemi lean-to on the west side of Immeljärvi lake


Have you seen what Levitunturi looks like from a distance - even from a photo?
You can take incredible photos of Levi fell from Kätkätunturi! 

You do not need to walk up to the top of Kätkä to see Levi in all its glory, but yes,
we do recommend it. In addition to Levi, you can see
the Pyhätunturi, Aakenus and Pallas fells. There's so much to photograph,
even for an entire day, and a daytrip across the top of Kätkä is always memorable.


Did you know, that at Levi you can have a photoshoot tour with a professional photographer?
The guide will take you to the best spots and show some cameratechniques.
Tours are available all year round, both day and night. 

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