Horses and riding

At Levi you can hop on a Finn horse or Icelandic-horse and enjoy the Lappish nature in a different way than by the motorized horse-powers. Enjoy the sound of the horse hooves clapping and maybe spot some birds or other forest animals during the horseback riding adventure. Whether you are an experienced rider or a first timer Levi's kind and well-trained horses will guide you into the forest. 

Horse riding can be enjoyed all year round - not even snow can stop our horses to walk in the forest, be it a Finn horse or an Icelandic-horse, they are used to the Lappish extreme conditions in nature.
Summer days can be spent on horseback in the forests and hills, trail riding from 1 up to 5 hours treks. During the magical summer nights you can enjoy the special atmosphere of riding under the midnight-sun. Wh nights are getting darker on early autumn
you can go for a northern lights search with the horses!

In winter, the horse sleigh rides are also possible, the sleigh can fit the whole family, so the little
ones can also enjoy the atmospheric sleigh ride in the forest and listen the jingle bells.