Levi has some of the best cross-country ski tracks in Finland.
A well-maintained network of 230 km (142 mi) offers
versatile conditions for both active skiers and people who enjoy nature.

Cross-country skiing at Levi

The cross-country ski season at Levi usually starts between October and November,
thanks to the conserved snow and snow cannons. The moment the temperature
reaches freezing point, the first Levi snow track which is 10 km (6 mi) long will open,
which is suitable for both traditional and skating-style skiing. The start of the ski track
season is quickly complemented at Rakkavaara, which offers 28 km (18 mi)
first-class illuminated tracks for skiing.

More tracks will open as winter progresses. As the ice on the lakes and rivers
thickens along with the snow, this ensures that the majority of the tracks can be
maintained by snow cats so that skiers can enjoy them from Christmas to January.
The entire 230 kilometres long network of tracks will be opened as the polar winter
ends and the light of day increases.

You can definitely ski your heart out from the end of February.
The end of winter is also the best season to visit the many trackside cafes at
Levi and enjoy the lean-to campfires. The long skiing season usually
continues on the best spring snow to the end of April. When the winter offers plenty
of snow, it is possible to ski up to the beginning of May.

If necessary, you can rent skis which are waxed according to the weather.
The ski school will guide you in the correct technique as well.

Guided skiing tours are also arranged daily. 
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Look at the Levi track map and select a skiing route that suits you.
Levi track lights are lit between 6:00 and 23:00 according to the amount of daylight.
Levi’s dog tracks make it possible to take your best friend with you.
Welcome to skiing at Levi!

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