Levi is Finland's most popular and most versatile ski resort. The 43 slopes and 27 lifts at the Levi alpine resort will create many memorable moments on the slopes.


Skiing and snowboarding on the versatile slopes of Levi offer interesting things to do for all the family. The free ski area, Alpine Training Park for competing skiers, and the extensive South Park at Levi cater to skiers and snowboarders of all ages. The expected novelty of the 2019–2020 season is the quick and comfortable 6-person chair lift Levi West.

The appropriate equipment for skiing and snowboarding is available for both rental and purchase from the many rental services and various sports shops around Levi resort. Levi ski schools offer tuition at both beginner and advanced levels.

Levi slopes

Front slopes

The vast slopes of Levi are easily accessible from the Front Slopes. You can get a grip on alpine skiing using a covered carpet lift, a platter lift at the upper station and the Kids’ Land lift. The red rated Front Slopes are a bit challenging for beginners. Or, try the Street to show off your skills.

The chair lift and the express gondola will easily take you up to Hotel Panorama. you can access the other slope areas of the resort by lift 3.

West slopes

The West Slopes have a downhill slope for all skill levels.

Levi Black, or G2 is the race slope familiar from the slalom World Cup, which is easily accessible by the Gondola2000 lift. Lifts 10 and 11 have been replaced by the Levi West chair lift.

 If you want to enjoy the first rays of the sun in spring, you can take lift 12 to Lammaskuru, near the fell top. The action-packed Alpine Training Park is used by many alpine clubs via lift 13, and after training sessions it is open for all other speed enthusiasts. Lift 14 and its slopes is a handy transfer route between the Front and West slopes.

South slopes

The sunny South Slopes of Levi offer the joy of skiing for both beginners and more advanced skiers. Honing your skiing skills and enjoying the sun is most enjoyable going down the longest slope at Levi and going up via the 6-person chair lift. For children and beginners, we recommend the covered carpet lifts and platter lift at Leevilandia. There are also the huge South Park slopes around lift 9. 

Northeast slopes

he Northeast Slopes offer the perfect surroundings to test carving skis and the endurance of your legs. Many people think that the long speed slopes around lifts 5 and 6 are the best there are at Levi. The free ski area accessible via lift 6 is usually open from February to April, depending on snow depth.

Southeast slopes

The Southeast slopes are especially suitable for beginners and families with small children. The upper part of the slope near lift 7 is conveniently fast, and the slopes next to 7b, which will open in late February, are nice and wide. 

Levi slope map and up-to-date slope information

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