Step into snowshoes instead of ski boots and try something different for a change.
The natural beauty of winter is revealed along many of the winter hiking routes around Levi.

Snowshoe and winter hiking at Levi

Snowshoe hiking is a relaxing way to enjoy the winter landscapes at Levi
and experience the perfect natural peace.

Compared to skiing, a snow shoe hiker has a couple of aces up the
sleeve – you don’t need maintained tracks or routes; the equipment is nearly
maintenance-free and you can venture into nature, without disturbing its peace,
across various terrains and in any weather. A truly great experience is to snowshoe
hike in complete stillness in the middle of the snow. This spells true freedom!

At Levi you can snowshoe hike both in a group and on your own.

Have a look for the guided snowshoe excursions


In the enchanting forests and across the fell landscapes you can easily walk
without snowshoes on the maintained winter hiking tracks. 

Starting points for Levi winter hiking routes:
Levi centre
South slope
Northeast slope
Southeast slopes 

The Northeast and South slopes are easily accessible by ski bus.

The total length of the Levi winter hiking routes is around 20 km (12 mi). 
There are shorter routes available for people hiking with children.

Levi winter hiking routes

Winter hiking routes are suited for people in normal physical condition. 
On the Levi winter hiking routes, you can also walk with your dog.
Mind the weather conditions – we recommend using snowshoes when it is windy and snowing. 

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