Levi is the top choice for friends of action-packed downhill and enduro biking!  Levi Bike Park and
enduro trails offer a variety of terrains and challenges for the downhill biking lovers of all levels!

The Gondola2000 cable car lift  takes you and your bike to the top of Levi Fell. Before setting off
straight down, take a deep breath, look around and enjoy the vast view into the horizon of Northern
Lapland. Descending with gravity steep downhill trails as well as alternate routes for the easily-impressed
ones, are the joy and thrill of first-timers and adrenaline seakwes alike! Make sure to get to know the
route first, before heading straight down it at full speed!

Levi Blue Groove is a 3.3 km long free ride trail well-suited for first-timers’ use, but also for riding
experts because of its length. Santa's Cabin is intended for experienced riders and the World Cup DH
requires both skill and experience.The enduro biking world is easy to explore in Levi.
Check out the Draivi Endure Trail and the South Route trails.