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The snowmobile ride gets you into the middle of the wilderness to see the breathtaking fell landscapes. A professional safari guide will safely guide even a first-timer into the secrets of driving a snowmobile. When you have gathered experience, you can drive all the way to Sweden and Norway from Levi.


Levi’s surroundings are a snowmobile driver’s dream – lots of snow, great landscapes, and varied trails. There is almost 900km (560 mi) of snowmobile routes around Levi. 

You can get the most out of the experience by taking other people into account and paying attention to safe traffic on the trails. Stay on the route, follow instructions, take other people into account, and enjoy the ever-changing landscapes on a snowmobile. Using a helmet is mandatory, both for the drivers and people in a sleigh. A snowmobile driver is required to have a driving license. Please note that you are not allowed to ride a bicycle on snowmobile trails during wintertime.

The maximum speed limit is 80 km/h (49 mph) on the river basin, 60 km/h (36 mph) on terrain routes, and 30 km/h (18 mph) in village centres, and dangerous places. The speed limits are visible on the trails on traffic signs. Remember to adapt the speed and distance to your skills. Remember also to follow the alcohol limits set out in Road Traffic legislation.

Before leaving to drive a snowmobile, we recommend getting a map from Visit Levi tourist info. The map is 10 € it includes all the snowmobile routes, service and gas points, and safari company locations. By buying the map you will also support this hobby at Levi. Profits from the map are used to maintain the trails as well as possible.

The electronic sled service enables you to see the Kittilä snowmobile routes and the maintenance situation right on your mobile device. The service also points out the cafés, huts, lean-tos, and wilderness huts which you may want to use. You can measure the lengths of different routes and save your map views with places to take a break.

Snowmobile tracks

During riding a snowmobile, it's also a good idea to take breaks, warm up your fingers, and enjoy snacks at campfires.

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