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Summer Sledding

Easy thrills on Levi's summer sled track

Jump into a summer sled – by yourself or with a friend – and speed down the fellside as fast as you dare! Summer sledding is easy and safe because you can adjust and control the speed as you go. You can rocket down the track at 50 kilometers per hour, or descend at walking speed in a highly controlled manner while enjoying the spectacular views.

Levi's summer sled track begins from the Koutalaki summit which you can reach from Zero Point by using the Express lift on the Front Slopes. The elevation difference between the lower and upper stations is 114 metres altogether and the length of the track is 650 metres. The lift takes only about 2 minutes. One and two-person sleds are available. For safety reasons, children below 8 years old are allowed to ride only a two-person sled together with a person aged 15 or older.

Tickets to the summer sled track you can buy online from the webstore, from the ticket machine at the Zero Point Rental (Hissitie 8), and from Hotel Panorama at the Koutalaki Summit.

The ticket includes the ascent using the Express lift.

Summer Sled ticket prices

TicketChildren (6-11yr)Adults (+12yr)
1 run8,00 €12,00 €
5 runs25,00 €35,00 €
10 runs39,00 €59,00 €

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