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Canoeing and ferry cruises

Canoeing and ferry cruises

Finland is the land of thousands of lakes and in the Levi area this can be seen clearly.
Levi is surrounded by lakes and rivers and you can enjoy Levi from the water in many ways in the summer. Whether you want to relax on a pontoon ferry cruise calmly floating on the lakes or the action of river rafting, there is lots to do and unforgettable experiences await.

Canoeing is an easy way to move around in nature and to see places you would not reach otherwise. While paddling you might see animals you would not meet while moving around in nature on foot since the movements of paddlers are not as easily heard as the sound of footsteps. In the summer and autumn canoeing trips are organised every day and the
destination can be a lake surrounded by fells, a river in the middle of the wilderness or the biggest river in the area, Ounasjoki. Canoes are also available to rent if you would like to go explore nature by yourself.

For those wanting to relax and have some quiet time there is a ferry cruise on the lakes Sirkka- and Levijärvi. The pontoon ferry can carry even a bigger crowd and is partially covered by a roof so not even a bit of rain can interfere with the fun. To warm up during the cruise, pancakes and coffee made over an open fire are sold. At nice weather a stop is made at a sandy beach where it is easy to dip into the water and afterwards enjoy the warmth of the small sauna aboard.

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