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Pilkkiminen järvellä kevät
Pilkkiminen järvellä kevät

Fishing and Ice-Fishing

There are plenty of lakes, ponds, rivers and small streams with lots of fish near Levi. The many natural waters offer good fishing spots for both experienced anglers as well as beginners in both winter and summer.


To fish, you will need a receipt for the state angling licence fee and area specific permission. The state fishing licence is a tax payment for anglers from ages 18 to 64. People under 18 and over 65 may fish with one rod and lure without the angling licence. 

The fishing licence is easily paid online.
The payment can also be made at Visit Levi tourist information.


The area specific angling licence is easy to obtain from Visit Levi tourist info. Check for details below.

The SIRKKA-KÖNGÄS fishing license

The fishing season: year-round

Prices: 10€/day (24 h), 20€/week, 30€/month, and 50€/calendar year. The fishing license is personal.

The Sirkka-Köngäs fishing license encompasses an extensive area, the most common fish species in brackets:

Lakes Levijärvi and Sirkkajärvi (perch, pike, whitefish)
River Levijoki (brown trout, grayling, trout, whitefish)
Lake Munajärvi in Köngäs village (pike, perch, whitefish)
Lake Rautusjärvi in Rautuskylä village (pike, perch, whitefish)
River Kulkujoki downstream from Veitservasa (brown trout, grayling)
River Loukinen downstream from the branch of River Kapsajoki (trout, grayling, whitefish)
River Ounasjoki downstream from Kuortanokoski up to Torpaniva (grayling, trout, whitefish, pike)
River Kapsajoki downstream from Alalaki (trout, grayling, brown trout)
River Lismajoki

RIVER OUNASJOKI (Sinettä - Raattama)

The fishing season: all year round, trout fishing is not allowed between 11.9-15.11.

License price: 10 €/day, 20 €/week, and 40 €/season. Family license: price x 1.5 including 2 adults and children from the same household. Children under the age of 18 can fish free of charge if accompanied by the parent with a valid license. Community license for a group of 10 or larger groups (20% discount). 

Restrictions: No catch quota. Minimum size: grayling 30cm and trout 50cm. The joint license allows you to fish in the main riverbeds, but not in the tributaries between Sinettä and Raattama.

Location: The River Ounasjoki originates from Lake Ounasjärvi in Enontekiö and joins the river Kemijoki in Rovaniemi.

The joint license allows you to fish in the main riverbeds, but not in the tributaries.

The fishing area in River Ounasjoki starts in Sinettä, by the southern border of the fishing area of the Tapionkylä Fishing Association. This marks the end of the region potentially affected by power plants. In its natural state the river presents rapids and still waters. The northern boundary of the fishing area lies at the border between the municipalities of Kittilä and Enontekiö. Most local fishing associations are included in the joint license but please double-check when buying your license. With the license, the following types of fishing are allowed from the shore or a boat: trolling, casting and fly-fishing. According to the fishing law, ice-fishing is free of charge for everybody

Catches include mainly grayling, trout, whitefish and pike. The biggest lake trout caught weighed in at 9 kg. Every summer trout weighing around 4-6 kg are caught. 

Ounasjoki is the longest river in Finland kept in its natural state. The unspoilt river is nearly 300 km long. Large rapids in the upper course include Raattamakoski, Mertakoski, Puksukoski, Tuomikoski, Pierkukoski, Tepasto and Köngäs. The rapid Riikonkoski, located above the municipality of Kittilä, is one the most famous and well-stocked rapids in Ounasjoki.


Fishing season: all year round

License price: 15 €/day, 45 €/week, and 150 €/calendar year (end of the calendar year). Family license: 25 €/day. The license is personal and payable from school age (7yrs old) onwards. The family license price is applicable for 1 adult and max 2 children under 12 yrs old.

Restrictions: Max. 3 salmonids license/day.Two fishing rods per license, rods have to be within arm`s reach. The fishing license is required also for ice fishing. 

Location: Sirkka village in Kittilä, west of Levi fell.

Boat rental: Immelmökit and Reijo Tiensuu (Kirstin Hieronta massage)

Fishing is allowed with lure, fly, angle and jig from a boat. Motorboats are, however, not allowed. Keeping your own boat in the area or fishing from the shore is only allowed upon the landowner's permission.

Immeljärvi, a 1,6 km long Lake is located between the Kätkätunturi and Levitunturi fells near Levi centre. What attracts fishermen is the regular restocking of trouts and grayling. Both trout and graylings thrive in this cold-water lake, which at its deepest measures 10 meters. The biggest officially weighed lake trout was 5.620kg.


The following areas require an area specific angling licence, which you can easily buy online or Visit Levi tourist info. Check for details below.


Fishing season: all year round, trout fishing is not allowed between 11.9-15.11.

License price: 8 €/3hours, 10 €/day, and 30 €/week, 50 €/season. 50% discount for children under 18 years old. Children under 15 years old can fish on their parents’ license to the same fishing quota. The Family license costs double the individual price and allows double fishing quota.

Restrictions: Two fishing rods per license, rods have to be within arm`s reach. 

Location: Northern side of the Köngäs-Pokka road in Kittilä (upstream from Korpela). The fishing area is 30 km long.

The river Kapsajoki is famous for its abundant catches of trout. The fishing flourished after 1994 when timber floating was ended. It belongs to the recreational fishing waters of Metsähallitus. Kapsajoki is ideal for casting and fly-fishing.

Please Note! The area south downstream from Alalaki requires the Sirkka-Köngäs fishing license. Sirkka-Köngäs license: 10 €/ day, 20 €/week, 30 €/month and 50 € / calendar year (end of the calendar year).

Canoeing down Kapsajoki is an excellent way to explore the shore. The paddling in the river is easy and allows for a pleasant route for a few days' fishing trip.

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Fishing season: all year round, trout fishing is not allowed between 11.9-15.11.

License price: 10€/day, 15€/week, 25€/calendar year (family-specific). Youth license for under 18 years old (personal) 10€/calendar year.

Catch quota: Max. 3 salmonids license/day. 

Location: West of Kittilä municipality. It joins the river Ounasjoki near the centre of Kittilä.

River Aakenusjoki runs by the foot of the fell Aakenustunturi between Kittilä and Ylläs. The main catch is trout, grayling and whitefish have also been caught. The best fishing spots can be easily reached by car.


Fishing season: all year round, trout fishing is not allowed between 11.9-30.11.

License price: summer season 10€/3 hours, 12€/day, and 35€/week and 60€/season. 50% discount for the children under 18 years old and the under 15 years old can fish on their parents’ license to the same fishing quota. The Family license costs double the individual price and allows double fishing quota. License required also for ice fishing.

Location: Lake Pyhäjärvi lies 25km from Kittilä in the direction of Äkäslompolo (Aakenuksentie road).

Catch quota: Max. 1 salmonid / 3 hours’ license and max. 3 salmonids / a day / a day or week license. The catch quota does not concern whitefish.

Forms of fishing: trolling and casting

Catch: Mainly perch, grayling, pike, burbot, char, whitefish and trout.

Restrictions: Two fishing rods per license, outboard motor is not allowed (neither electric motor), it is prohibited to store your own boat on the shore. Boats for rent at Teboil / Kittilä, t. +358 16 642 070. The fishing license is required also for ice fishing.

Other information: Located between the Pyhätunturi and Aakenustunturi fells. Lake Pyhäjärvi with its crystal clear water provides a beautiful setting to fish large trout and grayling lurking in the depths. The lake area is 90 hectares and the deepest point is over 30. A path runs around the lake and there are Lappish "kota" teepees and "laavu" lean-in-shelter on the shore. Own private boat can be launched at the boat ramp on the north side of the lake. Ice-fishing is very popular here during early winter and late spring. The ideal trolling and casting periods are early summer and late autumn just before the lake freezes.


Fishing period: allowed to catch salmon during 1.6. – 31.8.

License prices: the common permit 20€/ day, 80€/week and 160€/ season. Youth (13-18 yrs.) 10€/ day, 40€/week and 80€/season. The price for the area of one municipality: 60€/ season. Youth (13-18 yrs.) 30€/ season. No common permit required for children under 13 years.

Restrictions: Salmon fishing is prohibited from Sunday 7:00 p.m. to Monday 7:00 p.m. Finnish time, from Sunday 6:00 p.m. to Monday 6:00 p.m. Swedish time. All fishing is prohibited from 15.9 to 15.12. Catch quotas: 1 salmon / fishing day/ angler, minimum sizes: salmon 50 cm and grayling 35 cm. Brown trout is a protected species and all trout caught must be immediately released back into the water dead or alive. Please check the current restrictions before fishing.

Catch: grayling, pike, salmon, trout, perch, white fish

Other information: The river is very popular amongst fishermen for salmon fishing. The river flows from the Northern fells and is the longest free flowing river of Europe (length 450 km) and might range a width from a rapid of 100 m to a smoother water section of over 1 km. The river is the bordering one between Finland and Sweden. Fishing is allowed both from the shore or a boat.

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Location: Kivijärvi is located 32 km from Levi, by the fell Pallastunturi.

Kivijärvi, with its clear water and stony bottom, is a 186 hectares large lake in its natural state. The lake is surrounded by Lapland's wilderness and fells. There are two Lappish "kota" teepees by the lake where you can cook your fresh catch.

Catches are very versatile: vendace, whitefish, lake trout, pike, burbot and perch, to mention just a few. 

Types of fishing: fishing with a seine, pole fishing, troll fishing, torch fishing and ice-fishing.

It`s possible to buy a fishing license for a recreational fishing or book a guided tour. A wilderness cabin north of the lake is available for overnight or longer stays. In summer, the lake is easily reached by car in summer and by snowmobile in winter..

Good to know: private lake, enquiries Kinos Safaris tel. +358 50 403 2000.

Guided fishing excursions arranged daily, both summer and winter. 

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