River rafting | Levi


River rafting

Looking for a fun adventure for a summer day? Enjoying waterside but looking for an adrenaline boost? Then river rafting is a must try when at Levi!

River rafting

For adventurers and water enthusiasts there is river rafting at the nearby rivers.
In the village of Köngäs, less than 10 km from Levi there is the small rapid
of Köngäs where the courage of everyone can be tested by
going down the river in a car's inner tube. You can really feel the excitement there!
The guide goes down the river with the customers
staying with them the whole time and everyone from 10 years up can participate.

Near Levi you also have the opportunity to go on a guided river rafting adventure in
the Muonio river. Book an exciting trip for your whole group including transfers.

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