Nature helps you to relax and find the peace. Spending time in the nature also reduces stress. At Levi 
the nature is near, and you can enjoy the nature in many ways.

Relaxing in the nature

Besides the hiking, walking, biking, skiing or spending time in the nature by the other
active ways, you can also enjoy the nature by the calming activities.
For example do yoga in the forest, on the fell, or in the upstairs of the stable.
At Levi you can take part to the yoga classes all around the year. 

Another great way to combine staying outside and relaxing is to go for the hammock
relaxation in the woods. Guide takes you through a series of relaxing exercises designed
to bring you into the here and now. When you feel ready, you are tucked into a warmly
insulated hammock for the ultimate forest relaxation, and can enjoy the
peacefulness of the forest, or even take a short nap.

To feel the Lappish Magic, near Levi is the place where you can sit in the Lappish teepee, hear
the mystichal stories of Lapland and relax by the open fire listening the arctic drum.  

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