The most fun water experience of Lapland waits for you at Levi. A total of 17 big and smaller
pools and a range of different saunas!


Levi Hotel Spa is a place where you can easily spend a couple of hours.
You can try to walk into and enjoy a cold fell stream, take a dip at the cold pool and then enjoy
the warmth of the closest hot tub. The bubbles and water massages will treat any tense muscles
at several pools, some of which can be found under the star bright sky of Lapland.
The youngest family members will enjoy a rapid water slide and the children’s pools.
The fell rocks next to the pools, the sparkling stones and vegetation of the fell streams will tell
you that you are now relaxing in Lapland.

In addition to the Finnish saunas and unisex herb steam bath, there are small special saunas
by the pools which are definitely worth checking out. The steam sauna has enjoyable hot steam,
and the log sauna feels like you are in the middle of the wilderness!

While visiting the spa, you can also enjoy massage, thermal treatment,
pampering facials and hairdressing services. Levi Spa also offers comprehensive sports facilities
for the traveller’s pleasure. Downstairs at the spa is full of action and play for the entire family. 

In addition to the spa, Levi has several saunas. With the cottage saunas included,
there are over 2,000 of them. You can enjoy the heat of the sauna in an old logger’s cabin,
in a sauna with a view to the fell and on a sauna ferry on the lake.
Private saunas can be booked for your family or group and you'll get
a sauna experience from a different world.

Would you dare to dip yourself in the ice-cold water for ice-swimming?

saunas and serenity