The Levi Hotel Spa offers something for everyone and you can easily spend a couple of hours here.
Enjoy a cold fell stream, take a dip into the cold pool to then enjoying the warmth of the hot pool.
Enjoy and relax any tight muscle in the indoor or outdoor jacuzzis, or train in the fitness pools.
Children and adults alike can enjoy a rapid water slide and the water creatures in the shallow pool.
This is not simply another visit to a Spa, this is an experience to fully enjoy!

In addition to the Spa, Levi offers a wide variety of saunas. Enjoy the heat of the sauna in an old logger’s cabin,
in a sauna with a view to the fell and even on a raft on a lake. Book your private sauna experience or
share it at the organised public saunas days.

Would you dare to dip yourself in the ice-cold water for ice-swimming?

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