Dining in nature
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Dining in nature

Dining in nature

Dining in nature in Levi is a wonderful experience that allows you to connect with the environment and enjoy your food in a unique setting.

Take the opportunity to relax, unwind, and create lasting memories. Dining in Levi wilderness nature is your chance to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and immerse yourself in the beauty of the arctic landscapes.

The nature in Levi offers plenty opportunities to enjoy a serene view, admiring the sunbeams gleaming over the surface of a lake or listening to the refreshing sparks of clean fresh water, or near the stunning taiga forests, listening to the arctic birds chirping away and to the sound of the wind gently blowing through the leaves.

Take your time to savor the tasty food and the natural surroundings. Use your phone just to picture the moment and immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounding.

Here a couple of examples of dining in nature tha you can enjoy in Levi: Gain energy from nature with herbs and saunaand in autumn theDining along the shore of Ounas river

You can also have a look at our other program's suggestions: Wild Food Cooking workshopSnow Fire and Feast

Sometimes it is also nice that someone else does the cooking. Available in winter: memorable experience with Reindeer Herder:Dinner with Reindeer Herder

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