Finland's leading ski resort is a great destination for family holidays.


In winter, children will enjoy their own safe slopes with an abundant side programme.

Kids’ Land next to the Front Slopes of Levi is a playground for all kids. Traditional platter lifts are available for those who are starting to practise alpine skiing, there is a free weekly programme, Stigas and toboggans for fun and a warm hut to have a picnic lunch in. These will make the children’s holiday at Levi a memorable one. 

The Kids’ Land has also a day care service, Tenavatokka, which is especially suitable for children under 7 years of age. For a fee, they can safely spend the day there while their parents are out or shopping.

Leevilandia is another fun playground at Levi, next to the South Point of the South Slopes. The free of charge weekly programme includes gaming and competitions every day. Try out the snow on skis or a snowboard. The easiest way to do this is to use a covered carpet lift or a traditional platter lift. You can have your own picnic lunch at the lean-to!

Even the smallest ones of the family enjoy themselves with professional nannies at Muksutupa next to Leevilandia, where they can even take their nap.  Please remember to bring food to the day care for your children at both Muksutupa and Tenavatokka.

Skiind and snowboarding