It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

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Levi Bike Park is featuring freeride tracks and challenging downhill tracks. Park has been set up next to Gondoli2000 cabin lift, on the western side of fell Levi.Biking trails have a maximum vertical drop of 310 meters and huge views to Lappish lake areas. The fastest riders (National and NC level) take appr. 60 seconds to ride DH Black track. Freeride takes place on Santa´s Cabin which is planned for more experienced bikers and on Blue Groove that suits for all skill levels. Levi Black race piste for slalom offers also some slopestyle for jumpers.  

  • Bike Park is open daily 10am-6pm  21.6-20.10.2019 (notice weather conditions for the cabin lift). In October our estimate is keep the tracks open on 1.-20.10.2019. Check the situation tel. +358 20 7960 208
  • Address Gondolitie 1 
  • Map of Levi Bike Park (pdf)
  • Terms of delivery for Bike Parks by Finnish Ski Area Association
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  • Please NOTE: Bike Park execptionally closed until 16.00 on 27.7.2019 due to the Levi-Bike Fest event

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Always take the 1st run easily and check landing areas of each drop.

Blue Groove

Blue Groove is 3,3 km long easy freeride track that begins from upper station of Gondoli2000 cabin lift. On this category blue track you are able to test ground and wooden banks according to your biking skills. When you arrive to a tree line the track passes Snow Park and continues like a streamer towards lower stations of lifts nr 13 and 14. The last section of Blue Groove is flat and solid path where you drive over few small wooden bridge drops or continue through "wawelike elements". We recommend this track to first-timers and as a warming ride to more experienced drivers.

Santa´s Cabin

Also Santa´s Cabin begins from upper station of Gondoli2000 cabin lift but is more demanding category red freeride track, appr. 3 km long. It offers more speed and ground and wooden drops with different levels. The first run makes your pulse rise and gives a guarantee smile on your face. The first section of Santa´s Cabin runs in open fell area and turns into pine forest after the filming location "Santa´s cabin". Tight turns with ground and wooden banks give you additional speed to new curves and drops. At the last section Santa´s Cabin meets World Cup DH Black track where drops and jumps are deeper before arriving to lower station of Gondoli2000 cabin lift. In case you have freeride experience and want more challenge, try Santa´s Cabin. Naturally you may also pass every element without riding through them.

Please note that the trail is currently closed due to the construction work of the Levi West chairlift.

World Cup DH Black

Proudly present our World Cup DH Black as a pure DH track. It comes down following the lift line of Gondoli2000 cabin lift and requires good breaks with ice-cold nerves. The challenge comes from high speed and quite steep track profile. The track is mainly of solid but rocky ground with abrasion and gutters done by rain and time. Try also 2-3 meters high bridge drop with small jumps before you arrive to lower lift station. The length of DH Black is 1,5 km and the height difference is 302 meters. Only for experts!


The easiest way to conquer Levi Bike Park is to take a Freeride package from rental of Activity Park. It includes a standard category freeride bike, protection set and lift pass for 3 hours/ 1 day according to your choice. Minimum age limit for participants is 12 years.

Freeride biking package

Share your photos with tag #levibikepark to show your great moments on Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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