It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Wednesday - Sunday 22.7. – 26.7.2020

Levi Outdoor Fest is an activity event, where the unique nature of Levi and diverse of sport and leisure activities are combined. The event offers experiences and activities for everyone from beginners to experts. During the five day Fest you have the opportunity to try each and every one of them; the various activities, multiple competitions and fall in love with the fresh outdoors and freedom of movement. The event is suitable for the whole family to exercise.

There are no fees to visit the fest area, but with fest pass you have opportunity to try activities, clinics, competitions and guided activity trips for free or discounted price. The main focus of Levi Outdoor Fest is to have various sport trials easily to try and to offer information and advices by clinics and guided trips. All the competitions are planned by utilizing the mountain terrario of Levi and the routes are marked through the magnificent landscapes. For example trail running, mountain biking, triathlon can be found from the competition selection of Levi Outdoor Fest.

Levi is a year-round tourist centre, where you find endless list of leisure activities. During the summer there are no timelimits or limititations for hobbies, when the sun is shining through the night allowing you to be sporty. As an event area Levi provides great background for wide range sports as well as other services are near like accommodation, restaurants and stores. With Levi Outdoor Fest we can offer you everything, that you can experience  during the summer in Levi. 

Levi Outdoor Fest Competitions

Ylläs-Levi MTB

Ylläs-Levi MTB 50 km competition goes along the new mountain biking route between the two biggest ski resorts in Finland. This event offers ultimate racing experience as well as opportunity to enjoy the unique fell atmosphere and breath-taking Lappish sceneries. Be in the vanguard and come to cycle Ylläs-Levi route.

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Levi Midnight Enduro

Levi Midnight Enduro is a mountain-biking enduro competition run on the gorgeous landscape of Levi and Kätkä. MTB, i.e. enduro mountain-biking, is an extremely fast and challenging sport, which combine technical skills, riding concentration and speed. Levi offers riders a unique setting to compete for the title of Finland's number one rider.

The competition is part of Finnish National Championship Tour and also part of European Enduro Series. On Friday the competitors have practice runs and on Saturday the competition takes place.


Levi Up is excruciating uphill challenge for your lungs either by running or mountain biking. Your tolerance for lactic acid will be tested by 160 vertical and 788 meter rise to the top of the front slope of Levi. The competition starts from Zero Point and ends to the restaurant Horizont, which makes Levi Up audience-friendly competition, when competitors are all the time in front of the audience. There are series for women and men, also for kids! To participate you can buy Levi Outdoor Fest event pass, in which Levi Up is included or register separately, without the pass.

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Levi Extreme Triathlon

Levi Extreme Triathlon combines blockbusters triathlon and trailrunning. The event attracts triathletes to the ultimate test of endurance through Levi’s unique landscapes. Come and experience the spectacular Levi Extreme Triathlon

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See you at Levi - act now to secure your participation at this summer's best event!

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