It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Nigthless nights, bonfires and other unique Finnish traditions - Experience Midsummer like the locals do!

In Levi you can take part in the most typical Midsummer celebration traditions - like lighting bonfires and bathing in saunas or picking flowers to cast Midsummer spells. Learn more what Juhannus in Levi and Finland is all about.

a celebration of summer solstice

Juhannus, Midsummer or Summer Solstice is a national holiday in Finland and often means the begininning of real summer and summer holidays. The celebration of Midsummer starts on Midsummer’s eve and many workplaces are closed.

Originally Juhannus was a celeberation of Summer Solstice, a day with the longest period of daylight - except above Arctic Circle where the daytime remains continuous for 24 hours every day during the nightless nights period of the summer when the sun never sets.

Traditional Midsummer celebrations and traditions in Finland include:

  • Quality time with friends and family - typically Midsummer is spent with friends and family at summer cottages away from the city, either partying or relaxing and celebrating the nightless night after the long and dark winter
  • BBQ and good food
  • Big bonfires (Juhannuskokko) - burned by the lakesides or by the sea to expel bad spirits
  • Sauna and swimming - Finns vacationing and visiting their countyside summer cottages usually revolve their daily life around the sauna (to relax and to sweat) and a nearby lake (to cool off). A sauna session is important part of life, a social event, but also a spritual affair. Birch whisk or bath brooms (vasta or vihta) made of fresh birch leaves are used to gently slap the skin and create further stimulation. 
  • Casting spells - in hopes of finding a future spouse or increasing fertility. In Finnish tradition, the long, bright, nightless Midsummer night has always believed to have magical qualities. For instance, if you put seven different flowers under your pillow on Midsummer night you’ll meet your future spouse in your dreams!
  • Going to traditional dance pavillions (lavatanssit) - to dance tango, valssi, humppa, jenkka and other mystical Finnish dances with each other - or to find the special one. 
  • Midsummer weddings - with the found special one.

Levi midsummer activities for the whole family

In Levi there are many Midsummer events to choose from - bonfires, music, good food and other Finnish traditions but also many special Midsummer activies.

Midsummer-special: MIDNIGHT SUN SKI LEVI-PALLAS FRiday 22.6. at 12.00

Skiing under the Midnight sun! Departure from Levi Zero Point at 12.00, back in Levi in View Restaurant Tuikku and it's big bonfire party approximately at 23.30. Price 220 €/pers (min. 4 pers), including transfer, ski gear, sauna (own towels and change of clothes needed), backpack, dinner (no drinks included), and guiding services. NB: Good physical condition required; the hiking distance is about 12 km. Min. age 12 yrs old.

Bookings and inquiries by 11.6: Levi Tourist Office, +358 16 639 3300 or

walk with the elf in the yellow dress Friday at 13.00

You will get to know the secrets of Elves Hideaway with one cleaver elf. See the barns in the courtyard and smell the Lappish power herbs in the garden. In the Magical Forest, you will see the wonders of nature and find your way to the Hidden Huts. Price: 25€/ person. Duration: about 1,5 hours. Meeting Point: at 13.00 (Tonttula) Elves Hideaway, 8 km from Levi, Palosaarentie 30.

Pontoon ferry cruise Friday at 14.00

The pontoon ferry runs along lake Sirkkajärvi and lake Levijärvi and if the weather is good we take a break at the beach. At the beach you have the opportunity to go swimming and enjoy the sauna. On the ferry you can buy sweet crepes, sausages and coffee made in open fire. You can also bring your own beverages. Warm clothing is needed, just in case. Price: Adult 25€, Child 17€ (4-12 yrs) Duration: about 2 hours. Meeting Point: at 14.00 at the organizer office, Myllyjoentie 1.

Midnight-sun riding trek on icelandic horses friday at 20.45

The sun is not setting at all during summer time in Lapland. Spend a summer day in Lapland in the company of an Icelandic horse! The horses are small, cute and charming, yet strong, tough and sure-footed. Icelandic horses are often mentioned in Icelandic sagas; in days gone by, they were used as Vikings' warhorses and were greatly respected. No previous experience is required. Children min age 12yrs unless they have previous trail riding experience. Duration: about 2 hours Price: 65€/person. Meeting Point: at 20.45 at the stable, Kaarelantie 29, about 2 km from Levi centre, direction Muonio.

Visit our horse and husky farm Sunday 24.6. at 16.00 

Warmly welcome to get to know our horses and huskies to Veitservasa. During the visit we will tell you about our beloved and friendly family members and colleagues: Alaskan Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Greenland Dogs, Siberian Huskies and Finn horses. If we are lucky there might be some cute puppies as well that you can pet. You will learn about the history, style of life, practice, work and free time of the animals. We will also have juice, sausage and stick buns during the visit. Duration: about 1,5 hours Price: 18€ /person. Transfer departs: at 16.00 from the stable, about 10km from Levi direction Muonio.

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food, Drinks, Music & party


We will open the BBQ season on Midsummer Day Sat 23.6. at 17.00-23.00. From the hearty buffet you will find fresh starters and salads, and on the heat of the grill our chefs will cook meat and vegetables. Menu price 25 €, children -50%. See menu and read more

Midsummer party on the top of Levi, View Restaurant Tuikku on Fri 22.6 at 18.00-02.00

Live music: JETTISET. Entrance fee 10 € / person (age limit 18). Midsummer bonfire, summer sun, snacks. Bus transfer from Levi centre to Tuikku (5€/one way) or by taxi. On feet approx. 4 km. Children under 18 yrs with parent – free entrance to the terrace, the “fell” bar and to see the bonfire. Welcome!

Party at Wanha Poro Fri 22.6. and Sat 23.6.

Live music: Paperitähdet Acoustic; Finnish and international pop and rock. Free entrance.

Party at Bar Ihku Fri 22.6 and Sat 23.6

Karaoke at 21.00-04.00.

Midsummer - things to try


Booking is easy with online below or phoning the number +358 16 639 3300 or e-mailing

You are warmly welcome to Levi.