It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

New Year in Levi


In Levi Centre, at the Front Slopes at midnight

LEvi Tourist office opening hours

31.12.2019 9.00 - 17.00
1.1.2020 10.00 - 16.00

Downhill skiing

On 31st Dec it is possible to ski at the Front Slopes until 23.30

More information will be added closer to the time.

New Years Special - Outdoor Disco at zero point
On 31st Dec at 20.00-24.00

New Years Eve celebration goes to the new level with the outdoor disco at the terrace of Zero Point. Party starts at 20.00 and DJ is playing music until midnight and the fireworks. Special offers both bubbly and hot drinks at the Cafe Zero! Ski lifts at Front Slopes open until 23.30. Fireworks at midnight! Welcome to celebrate the year 2020!

New Year's Eve dinners 31.12.2019

Price: 75 € adult, 38 € child 6–12-years-old

House bread and cream cheese
Green salad
Forest mushroom salad
Roasted beetroot and goat cheese
Pickled cucumber, sour cream and honey
Capers-potato salad
Grilled vegetables
Citrus shrimps
Beef pastrami and parmesan cheese
Cold-smoked salmon
Smoked salmon

Wild boar neck
Reindeer roast
Oven-baked salmon
Roasted potatoes with herbs
Beetroot lasagna

Petit fours
Cake selection
Cheese selection

Includes a glass of sparkling wine.

Reservation and inquiries: tel. +358 16 336 3000 | or

Served between 5pm and 9pm
Prices: 50€ adult, 25 € / children

Parma ham & melon
Smoked salmon with horseradish & mustard sauce
Berry, drupe & ricotta pizzas
Avocado-stuffed mushrooms
Lemon-cranberry tassies
Mix'n'match chicken wings
Turkey pita nachos with pomegranate & mint
Chevre-stuffed dates wrapped with prosciutto
Pickle poppers
Bacon deviled eggs

Butternut squash & carrot soup
Avocado-tomato risotto
Reindeer filé with herbs de Provence
Lobster tail with chive butter
Glazed Lappish turnip with pistachios

Amaretto marinated berries
House classic chocolate-meringue pie
Selection of Arctic ice creams

Reservation and inquiries: or

Served at 8.00 pm / 8.30 pm
Price 69€/person (34,50 € / child 3-12 yrs.)

Sandwich Cake
Green Salad
Marinated Tomatoes with Mustard Dressing
Potato Salad
Shrimp Salad
Mushroom Salad
Sweet Potatoes with Ginger and Coriander
Gravlax and Sour Cream with Dill
Cold Smoked Salmon Terrine with Cream Cheese
Roasted Beef with Red Onion Compote
Elk Terrine
Slow Cooked Reindeer with LingonberriesBoiled Potatoes
Main Course Selected from the Following Options:
Beef Fillet with Roasted Root Vegetables and Rosemary Sauce
Roasted Salmon with Potatoe & Dill Purée and Fish Roe Sauce
Mushroom and Potato Croquette with Cabbage and Beetroot Sauce
Selection of Cheeses and Saltine Crackers with Fig Jam
Chocolate Cake with Strawberries
Assortment of Candy

Resrvation and inquiries: Northern Lights Ranch tel. +358 44 770 0541, or

Kekäle Bar & Grill
Kattaukset klo 18.00 ja 21.30
94 €/hlö, 47€/lapsi (4-14v.)

Beef tartar with horseradish and parmesan
Scallops with cauliflower and vanilla
Burbot and oyster
Pigeon with chestnuts and Jerusalem artichoke
Lemon marengue pie

Resrvation and inquiries: Levi Hotel Spa, reservations sales team, tel. +35816646301, or