It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Hiking & Nordic Walking

Visitors can get a taste of hiking on the varied, well-marked paths around Levi fell or on other nearby trails which bring you back home by evening. Longer hikes, in turn, can take you all the way up to the magnificent Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. The landscape changes enormously with the seasons: in summer, the light of the nightless days attracts the visitor, while autumn brings with it blazing colours - on foot, you have time to fully enjoy the beauty of nature!

Hiking map is available at the Levi Tourist Information Centre.

Nordic walking is a great form of exercise for everybody. It suits people of all ages and of all fitness levels and is the ideal warm-up and recovery for professional athletes. Developed in Finland, Nordic walking is based on the familiar diagonal stride skiing technique: the poles give rhythm to the stride, but also more length and speed to the step.

Nordic walking is essentially walking with poles. The poles make walking more efficient in many ways and the walking technique often becomes more balanced. The average calorie consumption is about 400kcal/h (while normal walking burns up 280kcal/h).


Peak Trail

The trail begins at the gondola lift's peak station and rotates clockwise around the Levi fell's peak. The Peak Trail is a scenic route measuring almost a kilometre and compliant with accessibility requirements. The trail has six rest areas and one campfire place. The theme of the trail is 'nature's celestial stories'.

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The accessible gondola lift brings the scenic tour to visitors in wheelchairs and families with children in prams.

Please note that the Peak Trail is closed at least until 8.9.2019 due to the construction of the Levi West chairlift (this may change).

Ice Age Trail / Geological Trail

The trail starts in the Levi Summit Nature and Conference Centre courtyard travels clockwise around the Levi fell, near the tree line, and returns to the Levi Summit courtyard. The almost 9 km trail will feature 13 nature trail signs and 10 kilometre posts. The nature trail signs cover the Ice Age theme over the course of 30 000 years and geographically over an area of 9 km, representing each period with a different animal figure. The second theme of the signs is the geology of the area.

The kilometre posts along the route tell the tale of travel as well as time. They use a scale of 10 000 years per metre i.e. each kilometre trekked takes us back ten million years in time. The kilometre posts introduce animals that have lived during this period all around the world. These kilometre posts eventually take us back in time by 80 million years. There is one Lappish wooden tepee along the Ice age  route (Huipun kota).

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You can also start your hike from Levi centre! Hike Front piste up to Levi Summit or walk along the stairs (starting point: behind the Spa) to Levi Summit.

Please note that the construction of the Levi West chairlift might cause changes to the walking route.

Life of the Past Trail

The trail begins at the Levi centre's Zero Point courtyards, circling clockwise around the bottom of the fell back to the point of departure, travelling a distance of 18 km. The trail has a good overview of the golf park. It`s possible to see reindeers in close to natural surroundings. The theme of times past recreates life in Levi in the late 18th century. The relationship between man and nature is dealt with humorously in a series of 16 nature trail signs.

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Päiviö´s Path - the trail of the great shaman

Located in Taalovaara, the trail is a kilometre long and overlaps with the trail of times past, stopping by the Kellostapuli fell. There are many folk tales about the great shaman Päiviö. Some of the tales in the signs relate to the area around Taalovaara and Kellostapuli fell.

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The path takes you to Kätkätunturi fell and is 13 km in length. The trail is guided with 16 signposts telling humorously of the mating rituals of local animals. The trail leads you to the top of Kätkätunturi fell with its beautiful scenaries to the neighbouring fells, swomps, lakes and forestlands.

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A nice and bit challenging hike to the top of Kätkä-fell. About 4km one-way, lean on shelter on top of the fell. Pure nature and beautifull views during the hike.

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Hiking map on paper can be bought at the Levi Tourist Information
tel. +358 16 639 3378 / email: