Amazing Levi - adventure race around Levi and Venetians Festival

29.08.2020 - 29.08.2020

Venetians gathers locals, Levi´s cottagers and new friends together to celebrate summer turning to autumn. Day time´s playful race offers fun adventure to both families and friends.

Levi´s autumn event series starts already on 29th of August.

At 15-18 Amazing Levi takes families and friends on an adventure around Levi. For the playful race wide range of Levi´s service providers (Opal Ry.) have planned different checkpoints where teams need cleverness and agility to pass fun puzzles and to move on to next checkpoint. The race is more about co-operation and smartness, rather than fastness and stregth. From checkpoints teams get clues and tools to move on and at 18.00 there will be small award ceremony at Saunabar on lake Immel. The race has three different categories: family, group and couples.

Build a team (minimum 2 pax) with a decriptive name and join for an adventure around Levi!

Entry fee 10€/per team

Starting point at Zero Point at 15.00. (address: Hissitie 8)
Award ceremony at Saunabar at 18.00 (address: Immeltie 1)

Enter here

At 18-21 Saunabar´s Venetians festival & special roast evening

In Finland Venetians is a celebration of water, light and fire and for summer turning to autumn. The festival is held on the last weekend of August.

Special roast is a meat braised in the soil for hours. It is served as a proper feast together with fresh vegetables and pann fried delicates. At 15.00 you have an opporunity to go and watch the special technic of the preparations and maybe dig some soil as well. The roast is braised from 3-4 hours so the dinner time is around 18.00

There won´t be table reservation it´s recommendable be on time. The bar is open air and in case of rain there will be umbrellas, so the small rain is not an issue. But prepare with warm clothes since the autumn evening might be chilly. The food is paid after the dinner and the prize is up to you. You can also make your own picnic on the beach. There is no age limits for this event.
Tepe's Flood - duo plays live music. You can bring candles with you to decorate the beach and don´t for get to decorate your cottage for this celebration of light!


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