Château Carsin x King Crab House
Carsin x king crab

Château Carsin x King Crab House

Carsin & Friends’ own ”wine cat” Jasu Sohlberg is visiting us in King Crab House on Friday evening 22 March.

22.3.2024 | Well-being, Culture and entertainment

Château Carsin is a small vinery in Bordeaux. The vinery has been owned Finns over 30 years and today father and daughter Juha and Nea Berglund own it together. Château Carsin has 18 hectares of vineyards, and all have been organically grown since 2016. From 2022 all wines are also officially certified as organic. The wines are made by hand and nature has a big place in the heart of the winemaking family; they do not use synthetic insecticides and cherish nature's biodiversity. They keep the work in the cellar simple; they minimize manipulations and use both steel tanks and old oak barrels. The wine reflects its origin and tastes like itself. At its best, it is served in the company of good food and good friends.

Carsin & Friends is an importer of handmade wines, which brings its own wines from Château Carsin to its restaurant customers, as well as other authentic wines from friends' wineries. Jasu works as a sales cat for Carsin & Friends. Passion for gastronomy flows in Jasu's veins. Whether it's coffee, beer, food or wine, Jasu's hunger is never satisfied. He became part of Carsin team after joining the harvest team in 2015.

I love wine and food, and I am a social person by nature. I want to spread the happiness of high-quality wines.” says Jasu.

This evening, all their wines on our wine menu are sold by the glass and Jasu will be here to tell you more about the wines and the winery, with its stories. You can order the wines separately or enjoy them in the wine package with our Chef’s menu.
Welcome in, relax and be amazed!

Arlaux Les Amis de Carsin 1er Cru, Champagne
Sauvignon Gris, Bordeaux
Rosé de Carsin, Bordeaux
Nectar de Carsin

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