Levi extreme triathlon

Water, scenic routes and trails.

Levi Extreme Triathlon

Levi Extreme Triathlon brings new challenges and experiences to triathlon enthusiasts. The event also gives an opportunity to get to know a new sport in an inspiring environment. The competition will be held in the middle of Lapland's summer on July 22, 2023, when the weather can be anything from night frost to nice day at the beach. The routes run through the wonderful nature of Lapland - you can swim in a refreshingly cool spring based lake, cycle through fell landscapes and run along the versatile paths.


MINI: Swimming 100 m, cycling 10 km, running 3 km
With the mini-triathlon, you can experience what triathlon feels like! You can go for a short swim without a wetsuit, and for the bike part, even grandma's old bicycle can be used. The run is a smooth and fast lap with easy terrain. So mini triathlon is fun event for everyone!

SPRINT: Swimming 400 m, cycling 20 km, running 6 km
During the sprint swim, you go around the buoys once. After swimming, a quick change and towards Muoniontie, Hossa and the Golf field. After the golf course, a wild ascent to Utsuvaara begins, which will make even experienced cyclists squirm. From Utsuvaara, we descend a long stretch towards the southern slopes of Levitunturi and turn back towards the competition center. Unlike previous years, the steep gondola slope has been left out of the running section. The running route goes around the Levitunturi area.

NORMAL and RELAY: Swimming 700 m, cycling 40 km, running 15 km
On a basic Lappish trip, you can take a dip in the ever so cool Immeljärvi. The buoys are circled twice before returning to dry land. The bike route goes around Levi twice, so you will experience the ups and downs of Utsuvaara more than once! The running travels along Levitunturi's trails and dirt tracks.

LONG: Swimming 1900 m, cycling 131 km, running 21 km
Long-distance swimming is familiar from previous years. You will go around four buoys in Immeljärvi. The back straights of the swim are aimed at the back of Lake Immeljärvi. Depending on the weather, in the middle of the lake, you may encounter cooler parts of the spring-based lake, as well as short and sharp waves.
The cycle route is a familiar route through fells and villages. From Sirkka we head towards Kittilä municipal center, from where we turn towards Ylläs. The route through Tiurajärventie reaches the village of Äkäslompolo at about 65 km and the village of Ylläsjärvi at about 80 km. This is where the flat section begins, for which you should save your energy, because there is still about 50km left.
The run goes around the routes of both the sprint distance and the norma distance. The route goes around Levi, offering, in addition to the elevation gain, varied terrain in the fells.

Prizes are offered by Fizik.