Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest
Bike Fest 2023 näyttökuva

Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest

Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest conquers the fell, the village and the surrounding area.

20.-27.7.2024 | Sports, Families, Slope events, Culture and entertainment, Well-being

Bike & Outdoor Fest combines exciting outdoor activities, endurance races, and enjoying nature. During the week, there are various cycling competitions, orienteering events, and triathlons taking place in the mountains.

Bike Fest for Kids offers family-friendly programs for the youngest members. Levi's new skatepark, opening in the summer of 2024, is the latest attraction in the Activity Park area, and the carpet lift completed last summer will introduce budding thrill-seekers to a new hobby.

Schedule for 2024:

July 20th: Ylläs-Levi MTB
July 20th: Levi Extreme Triathlon
July 20th - July 25th: Lapland O Week
July 26th-27th: Levi Midnight Enduro

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