Levi Outdoor Fest 2021 competitions

Take part in the versatile Levi Outdoor Fest programme and challenge yourself in competitions.

The update of the competitions for Levi Outdoor Fest 2021 coming during the autumn. Here some examples of the competitions from the previous years.


Mandatum Scramble, Levi Up ja Levi Extreme Triathlon - check out the options and choose yours now!


Mandatum Scramble is played under Levi's bright night.

  • The pair's playing handicap is 25% of the total slope,
    • however, it is not greater than the slope of the person with the lower handicap.
    • Point bogey
  • Top 3-point bogey scores and best scratch score will be rewarded

Register with the caddie masters, tel. 016 641 150 or email golf@levi.fi

Levi Golf Week


Test your fitness by running up the devastating climb on Levi's front slope. A steep 160 vertical metre rise over a distance of 788 metres will test your lactic acid tolerance. This playful competition is suitable for the whole family and has its own series for even the smallest of the family. The spectators of this highly audience-friendly sport have free access to the venue and viewing area.

Additional information and registration coming soon.


The Levi Extreme Triathlon takes place during Lapland's magical nightless night. It unites the traditional triathlon and trail running. The route offers new challenges and experiences to Triathlon enthusiasts, but it also provides an opportunity to explore a new sport in an inspiring environment.

There are three legs to the competition: swimming 1900m, cycling 130km and running 21km Long distance, and swimming 400m, cycling 20km and running 6km Sprint. A novelty for the year 2020 is the LAPLANDISH BASIC LEGS (700m - 40km -14km), in which both individual and team competitions take place. There are also separate series for women and men, as well as for different age groups. The team competition is a real effort for the whole team; each team has three members and each of them performs one leg: (swimming, cycling or running). Gather a team of colleagues or challenge your friends to take part in Finland's northernmost triathlon competition.

Additional information and registration coming soon.