Levi SaunaFest

18.09.2020 - 19.09.2020

6 saunas warms up around Levi fell – with sauna pass (45€) you have access to them all!

SaunaFest 18.-19.9.

After a day in outdoors there is no better way to relax than enjoying the gentle heat of sauna. During one whole weekend in Septemer saunas around Levi are heated up and welcome you to experience proper sauna weekend.

During two days you can visit as many saunas as you want, as many times as you have time to.  
There are 6 different saunas, for example giant barrel sauna, sauna in the local reindeer farm, sauna by the river Ounasjoki and traditional smoke sauna by the lake. Hop on benches and find your favourite!

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Saunas included:

Immelkartano – Traditional smokesauna and tub by the lake Immel.
Open: 19.9. at 14 – 16, 18 – 20

Tonttula - Traditional Riverbank Sauna at Tonttula. You may jump to the pure waters of Ounasjoki river straight from the sauna.
Open: 18.-19.9. at 13 – 14

Sammuntupa – Smokes auna locates by the river Ounasjoki with a spectacular view towards Lappish fells and forests.
Open: 18.-19. at 16 – 20

Polar Light Tours – Experience the Finnish sauna with a twist: it’s a gigantic barrel with a traditional wood-heated stove.
Pre-booking: 18.-19.9. up to 8 people: 1,5h turns starting at 13.30

Foxfires – Book a private session and relax with a traditional Finnish wood fired sauna and soak in our open air barrel hot tub set in the Arctic forest where you can see the Aurora dance in the night sky above.
Pre-booking: 18.-19.9. up tp 6 people: 2h turns starting at 11

Kinos Safaris – Sauna ferry cruise on Sirkkajärvi lake. On the deck, you can bake sausages in camp fire, dance, go swimming and take a sauna. Warm clothing is also needed, just in case.
Open: 18.-19.9. 3 x 1h cruise starting at 13.30

The prize for sauna pass is 45€ / person / the whole weekend.

Bigger saunas have public mixed turns and two smaller ones offer private sauna turns which you can book in advance.  
You can bring your own towel, the cost of renting one is 6€ in each sauna.
From each sauna you will have a disposable benchcover.

There is a bus transfer from Levi center to each sauna hourly, following every sauna´s opening hours. Transfer is included to prize. Check the timetable here. You can also use your own car and majority of saunas are close to the center and can be reached also by bike.



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