Midsummer in Levi

Midsummer in Levi

Celebrate midsummer in Levi under the midnight sun!

21.-22.6.2024 | Culture and entertainment, Slope events, Sports, Families

Experience the Unforgettable Midnight Sun Adventure in Levi!

Dive into a once-in-a-lifetime journey where night never falls. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Midnight Sun, a natural phenomenon that bathes the landscape in a golden glow 24 hours a day. Welcome to Levi bathed in the Midnight Sun!

Midsummer bonfire and flag hoisting 21.6.

On Midsummer's Eve, at the top of Levitunturi, at the top of Levitunturi, next to the upper station of the Gondola2000 lift, a traditional midsummer bonfire is lit, which creates a unique atmosphere and brings people together to celebrate the Midsummer with friends and family. Along with the bonfire, a flag will be hoisted on the top of Levi Fell at 18:00.

Restaurant Palovartija serves customers on the top of Levi on Midsummer Eve 21.6.

Gondola2000 lift is running until midnight.

You can also come to watch the flag hoisting and the bonfire by driving to the parking lot at the top of Tunturitie, from there the journey continues to the top of the mountain on foot.

Midsummer's Eve at Kätkänranta between two fells is an experience ❤️

The Tepe’s Flood Band will be covering hits from The Agents to Billy Idol.
The Sauna Bar celebrates Midsummer up to 1:00am!
After 20:00 the age-limit is 18 years (in accordance with Finnish Law).

Our Roast beef will be served starting from 18:00. Please note it is very popular so food run out quite quickly, it's therefore recommended you arrive early. The serving area has a liquor license. Price: 25€/person.
The Midsummer bonfires will illuminate the beach all evening, with sun loungers available to our guests.
The hot room (100°C) is available for €10/person.

Additionally, residents along the shore will have several bonfires visible from the lake's shores. Sheltered spots will keep everyone dry in case of rain.
Entrance fee to the area is €10/person.

Tuikku at the top of Levi is open until 21:00, thereafter we'll move to the Sauna Bar!

Summer in Levi:
Tuikku is open from 11:00 - 16:00 every day (June 12th - August 29th).
Sauna Bar is open from 12:00 - 18:00 every day (June 19th - August 2nd).

midnight sun
Midsummer ferry cruise on Levi and Sirkkajärvi!

Come aboard and admire the summer in the fells while getting into the Midsummer spirit on a ferry cruise!

The summer fell landscape is at its most beautiful when viewed from the lake, resembling a picture of a postcard. As our ferry sails along the lakes Sirkka and Levijärvi, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and relax while listening to the lapping waves.

On Midsummer's Eve, embark on one of our two departures at 16:00 or 19:00. On Midsummer Day, join us for a single departure at 14:00. During the cruise, snacks will be available for purchase on board, including savory bites, traditional Finnish pancakes, pan coffee, and other refreshments. Enjoy the unique experience of our small heated onboard sauna and refresh yourself with a revitalizing dip in the lake during your journey!

- Ferry cruises on Midsummer's Eve, Friday, June 21, 2024, at 16:00 and 19:00.
- Midsummer Day ferry cruise, Saturday, June 22, 2024, at 14:00.

Price: €29/person, €21/child under 12 years old.

Book easily and conveniently from our webstore, or by calling the Levi Tourist Information office tel +358 16 639 3378, or Kinos Safaris office on +358 50 4032000

Welcome aboard to cruise and enjoy a fantastic day!

Kinos_Safaris_Sauna Ferry Cruise
Panorama's summer Grill Buffet continues!

Available on Saturdays from June 22nd to August 3rd, 2024, from 17:00 to 21:00.
Price: €29/person
Table reservations for Panorama Restaurant can be made through the restaurant's website

Summer experiences for everyone

Levi offers a variety of summer experiences for everyone. Whether you want to hike on the fells, experience canoeing on the many rivers, go horse riding or go on a cruise on the lake with views of the fell, you are sure to find what you are looking for. You can also spend your Midsummer in Levi relaxing on a beach or enjoying a traditional Finnish sauna. Find your experience and spend an unforgettable Midsummer in Levi!

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