Ski Season Opening 2023
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Ski Season Opening 2023

Winter at Levi starts 6.10.2023!

6.-8.10.2023 | Sports, Families, Slope events, Culture and entertainment, Well-being

In Levi, we are taking a little sneak peek into the winter with the help of preserved snow, as Levi's ski and cross-country skiing season starts with preserved snow already on the 6th of October 2023! At the same time, the opening of the skiing and cross-country skiing season starts the entire range of amazing early winter events. Levi Glacier slope and early season park open on the Front Slopes and next to Levi Golf opens a free cross-country ski track with preserved snow.


Friday, October 6th:

9:30 - Slopes open, and Levi transitions to winter time. Levi Glacier and the Front slope park will be opened, including the bagjump flatbag and mogul track. The lifts opening are the Glacier Express, North, and the Front slope conveyor lift.

10:00 - Finland's cross-country skiing season kicks off at Draivi, with an impressive 4.2 km of preserved snow track available for skiing. Track lighting is on until 23:00.

14:00 - Alpen Slope Fun for kids at the Front slopes.

17:00 - Lappicup freestyle skiing and snowboard sessions in the park and on the bagjump.

19:00 - Slopes and lifts close.

Saturday, October 7th:

9:30 - Slopes and lifts are open.

10:00 - Come and test the season's novelties at Glacier! Brands such as Atomic, Salomon, Black Crows, Fischer, and Nitro will be present.

10:00 - 11:00Kick off the skiing season with Riitta-Liisa Roponen! Ski with Ritu and receive tips on traditional skiing techniques, as well as how to kickstart your early-season training.

11:00 - Alpen Slope Fun for kids continues on the front slopes.

12:00 - Leevi Ahma shares valuable skiing tips for the little ones in the family.

16:00 - Lappicup freestyle skiing and snowboard sessions, as well as a jump competition.

18:00 - At Zero Point, get expert advice on maintaining your skiing gear and cross-country skis.

19:00 - Slopes and lifts close.

There's more program on the Front Slopes all weekend long:

You can test your skills on the trampoline under the guidance of Levi Ski Club's coaches.

On the Pumptrack course, you get to test your cycling skills.

Also, remember our amazing offers for the opening weekend:

For children under 12, lift tickets and equipment are only 30€ per day (normal price 72.50€-93.00€), keycard not included.

For adults, we offer lift tickets for the weekend at a price of 60€ (normal price 96.50€), keycard not included.

Levi 60 Season Pass:

In honor of the anniversary year, we offer fell enthusiasts the Levi 60 season pass. The card allows you to enjoy Levi fell throughout the celebratory year.

The pass includes access to all of Levi's lifts and slopes, as well as the use of the ski bus. In the summer, the season pass gives access to Levi's scenic lifts, Levi Bike Park, and the fell trails. The Levi 60 season pass is available for purchase at a price of 600€ (price for winter & summer separately 770€) and for children/seniors at 400€ (price for winter & summer separately 518€).

Come join us in celebrating Levi's 60th anniversary and snowy skiing conditions amidst the excitement of the opening festivities!

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