TreeHugging World Championships 2024
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TreeHugging World Championships 2024

24.8.2024 | Well-being

The fifth TreeHugging World Championships will be held in Levi, Aug 24th 2024#TreeHugging2024 #HaliPuu

This year Levi is the place to be! While the traditional slalom race World Cup Levi is celebrating its 20th year in November, the almost-equally-fast-paced TreeHugging World Championships have also reached therespectable fifth anniversary. The TreeHugging World Championships combine loads of fun with the principles of sustainable nature tourism, Finnish forest culture and the benefits of being in nature. Register and join on the spot, or enter the virtual competition for a chance to win a week’s stay in Levi!

The organizer of the event is HaliPuu, a tiny family company with a big heart. Halipuu has worked in Levi, Lapland since 2015, first to protect the family’s own forest from felling and now, years later, to spread the benefits of loving trees worldwide both in their forest in Levi as well as online.

A limited number of domestic and international participants will be invited (to get invited, sign up at ) on site to represent their country in the three events: - Speed hugging: in a limited area, you get one minute to hug as many trees as possible. In order to count, a tree must be hugged for at least five seconds at a time. - Dedicated hugging: hugging with so much dedication that it is communicated to the spectators. - Freestyle: One minute to show the most creative tree hugging possible. As only a limited number of spectators can attend, please make sure you book your place early at: There will also be a virtual version of the event, which anyone from around the world can take part in by sharing a photo of themselves hugging their favourite tree, the coordinates of the tree and a short caption on Instagram or Facebook, using the tags #TreeHugging2024 and #HaliPuu. The winner of the virtual competition will have the opportunity to defend their title in person during the 2025 championship and will be rewarded with a week's accommodation sponsored by Visit Levi for that week. They will also get to go into the woods with the HaliPuu family on an Arctic Cocooning trip (as seen on BBC, among others). Read more and take part: