TreeHugging World Championships 21.8.2021

21.08.2021 - 21.08.2021

As the world has moved indoors, our chances of hugging our fellow human beings have become limited. But fear not, there are still trees to hug! Combining sustainable fun and the benefits of connecting with nature, the world’s second TreeHugging World Championships will be held in Levi, in Lapland northern Finland on August 21st 2021. Last year's competition was followed live by 12000 online viewers, this year we are aiming at a still wider audience around the world. Take part by sending in your best tree hugging picture, and by joining us in real life or digitally!

The organizer of this event is HaliPuu, a small company with a big heart. It has worked in Lapland since 2015, first to protect the family’s own forest from felling and now, years later, to spread the experience and benefits of loving trees worldwide.


More information and how to participate