Trial show

Trial show

Welcome to marvel at what trial cycling entails and the incredible feats achievable on two wheels!

25.7.-26.4.2024 | Sports, Culture and entertainment, Families

Niilo Stenvall is Finland's top athlete in his field and is competing in his first season at the adult level of the World Championships. His achievements from last year in the junior category include the European Championship title and a 3rd place in the World Championships. In the adult category, Niilo finished fifth in the World Cup, ranking 7th in the world.

In the trial demonstration, Niilo showcases the demanding balancing techniques and jumps characteristic of the sport. The demonstration in the center of Levi is open to everyone, warmly welcoming all to marvel at the versatility of two-wheeled feats!

trial Niilo

Trial cycling (biketrial) is a discipline of cycling skill. It has evolved from motorcycle trials. The essence of trial cycling is to navigate through extremely difficult terrain without touching the ground with any part of the body or the bike frame. Competitors are allowed to walk through the course before the competition, planning their lines of attack, but they are not permitted to practice the sections in advance. - Finnish Cycling Federation