Freedom to breathe

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Fill your lungs with fresh air and let it clear your thoughts. Feel how the flow of air cleanses your body and mind.

Fog floats in the forest, surrounding the early morning wanderer. Cool morning mist hovers on the leaves of trees and tufts of grass. The autumn forest is full of anticipation.

Crisp morning air fills your lungs and unites you with your surroundings. Together with the forest animals, breathe in the cleanest air in the world and let it connect you to the moment.




Fresh air purifies both body and mind.

You can almost feel your body rejuvenate and cleanse itself as you inhale in the north. According to statistics, only one in ten people in the world get to breathe clean air. In Levi, there is plenty of healthy, pure air for everyone. 

The air here is the cleanest in the world. You don’t just feel it, you see it. Lichen, an organism highly sensitive to air pollution, sways in the wind as it clings on to the trees. If the air isn’t clean, lichen won’t survive. In Levi, it grows up to 10 to 20 centimeters in length and looks like the beard of Santa Claus.

 Room to breathe in the forest

Leave routine behind and escape to the forest. Allow your surroundings to embrace you, calm you down, and energize you. The scent and feel of the forest quietens even the busiest mind. Just twenty minutes spent in the woods is proven to already lower blood pressure. Even a short hike raises the spirits and lowers stress levels. The forest is where the mind goes to rest. 

  Breathe. Feel how tension and hurry just melt away. The forest welcomes you just the way you are. In Levi, nature is never far.

Fill your basket with treasures of the forest

Man’s connection with nature is an essential part of local culture and lifestyle. Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the culinary riches of the forest. Berries, mushrooms and wild herbs are safe to taste, as long as you know what you’re picking. Try some lichen if you dare, the favourite of reindeers - although this is better cooked. The berries of the north, ripened by the never-setting midnight sun, have a distinct, succulent flavour.


Get a load of fresh air!

Physically challenging yourself outside in fresh air is extremely rewarding. An active traveller wants to get out of breath and feel those muscles working. Let the air fill your lungs and the wind cool you down. 

Let the surroundings inspire you to try activities that bring you close to nature. Running paths, mountain bike trails, hiking, and canoeing are a natural part of an active lifestyle in the spring, summer and autumn. During the winter, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and winter fat biking are appealing options. The opportunities for moving your body in nature are endless


Breathe together

For those who want it, Levi offers solitude and plenty of space. But what makes Levi special is how it draws like-minded people together.

The Ruska Marathon, held at the beginning of autumn, gathers runners to enjoy the unique experience of long-distance running while breathing the cleanest air in the world. In addition to the full and half marathon, the event also hosts a 20 kilometre long trail run that crosses over two fells.

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