The tender bite of frost

Read time 5 min.

Picture frost leaving its impression on your body: a white tiara on your lashes, a startling coolness in your lungs, a red that burns on your cheeks.

The silence is bewildering. Listen carefully to what stories the snow has to tell you. Snowflakes break and crumble beneath your feet. Every step makes a new sound.  

Trees rise from the ground like heavy white pillars. Freezing cold air polishes thousands of tiny gems sprinkled amongst the snow. Exhale warm air onto a window and watch it freeze into a frost flower. These are the kind of treasures that stay with you. 

The air is filled with invisible ice fog, diamond dust. When the sun’s rays hit the fog, they burst into all the colours of the spectrum, creating wintery rainbows.


The cold commands respect

Cold weather doesn’t need to limit you, as long as you prepare properly. Dress in layers and you will be quite comfortable.

The human eye can confuse the sensation of cold with that of pain and produce tears. 

Or are tears of joy?

A few degrees below freezing is child’s play after experiencing extreme cold. The coldest temperature recorded in Finland is -51.5 degrees celsius, at Kittilä, near Levi.

A long day is followed by a pleasant evening. The cold has brightened up the sky. The clouds make way for something magical. 

Orion’s twinkling constellation is up high. This is the view people witnessed thousands of years ago. You are a link in the endless chain of human generations.

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