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Restaurants Whether your appetite feels like fast food or a five star menu Levi has plenty to choose from. Please find the most convenient choice for you and your friends. Everything is within easy approaching distance. Browse
Cafes and bakeries
Cafes and bakeries When you are longing for a break during the day sit down and relax in one of our cozy cafes, bakery or pastry shops. They offer a versatile range of delicious pastries, hot and cold drinks. Browse
Ski cafes and restaurants
Ski cafes and restaurants There are a number of restaurants in the fell area where you have a chance to regain your strength and enjoy a nice break from skiing. Browse
Après-Ski, pubs and night clubs
Après-Ski, pubs and night clubs Our legendary Après-Ski is the perfect way to top off an exciting day in the snowy fells. Here you can party like there is no tomorrow, see live artists, sports bars with big screens, sing and dance. You name it. Browse
Catering and on request
Catering and on request When you are looking for personal services and gourmet experiences in catering services, Levi has solutions for smaller and bigger groups. Browse