Updates via links from the official authorities providing information about the corona situation and possible restrictions in the Levi/Kittilä area.


Travelling to Lapland - important information for international guests

International travelling

Travelling to and from Finland:
 Instructions and contact information for those arriving to Finland from abroad by Finnish Government. Please read also the guidelines for border traffic control regularly updated directly at the Finnish Border control page
It is recommended you log into the Finentry Web service before you travel.
Latest updates in English about the corona virus in Finland can be found here and about the corona virus in Lapland are found here.

Hygiene plays a central role in preventing the coronavirus to outbreak. Please take care of your hand-hygiene. Avoid close contact with other people like hand shakes, hugs and cuddles and keep a minimum of 2 meters distance to others, cough into your sleeve or a disposable tissue and avoid touching your face. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends the use of a face mask to protect other people. Read more about the face mask recommendation and how to protect you and the others from Covid-19. 

People are urged to take responsibility to prevent spread of infections by observing the authorities’ recommendations to wear masks in the public places, such as supermarkets, shopping centres and other areas where it is not possible to keep 2 meters distance to others. And please notice that if you are quarantined because of a previous trip abroad or for other reasons at your place of residence, same regulations and restrictions also at Levi!


- Come to Levi only when you're feeling ourself healthy.
- Remember hand and coughing hygiene
- Dispose of used tissues and disposable protective masks
- Book all your services in advance from the online store if possible
- Use remote payment on your card when possible
- Avoid crowds indoors where you are unable to maintain an adequate safety distance and wear a mask
- Act responsibly, follow the rules and the instructions given by the staff


Opening times for the services and list of services that are asking you to present the valid EU corona passport certificate at the Levi area can be found in here


We will follow our booking and cancellation policies. Read our booking terms and conditions here


If you suspect you have been exposed to corona-virus infection OR have symptoms of coronavirus disease whilst in Levi,

PLEASE contact immediately any of the medical centres below for a test. In these cases the corona-virus test if free of charge.
(If you need a corona test certificate to fly
home please see the information below – you will be charged for the test/certificate and PLEASE book your test time in advance! )

  • Kittilä municipality's healthcare center +358 400 356 498 / address: Sairaalantie 2, 99100 Kittilä
  • Pihlajalinna Levi +358 10 312 010 / address: Levintie 1590, 99130 Sirkka
  • Bene Finlandia +358 40 0808804 / address: Leviraitti 6, 99130 Sirkka
  • 9Lives At the Kittilä airport / outside of the terminal Open daily 11.00-17.00 Bookings +358 447 162 492 (Customers will have to pay for the test themselves)

You will be adviced over the phone for further procedure. 

Do you need a test to return home?

What tests are possible and how long it does to get the results:

Antigen quick test using Aidian SD Biosensor, STANDARD Covid-19 Q Ag Test, Test results approx 1 to 2 hrs depending on the group size.
PCR test using RT-PCR method, Testing time on weekdays before 12 am, Test results approx next day at 4 pm.

How do I book a test?

Pihlajalinna Levi
At the Center of Levi
Address: Levintie 1590

By phone +358 10 312141
For bigger grops: levi@pihlajalinna.fi
More information and prices from Pihlajalinna. 

How do I ge the certificate?
Test results are sended to the phone by sms and by e-mail if certificate is needed

At the Center of Levi. 
Address: Levinraitti 6
More informations bookings and prices: +358 4008 08804

How do I ge the certificate?
Test results are sended to the phone by sms and by e-mail if certificate is needed

At the Kittilä airport / outside of the terminal
Open daily 11.00 - 17.00
Bookings +358 447 162 492

Where can I find more information?

More information avout the Current coronavirus situation in Finland: www.thl.fi