1. Fly to Levi


Levi’s beauty can be seen in all its glory from the air. The gorgeous fells and the feeling of open space frame the start of your holiday while coming in to land at Kittilä/Levi. As the scenery grows stunning, you know you’ve arrived.
Levi is one of the easiest destinations for air travel. Kittilä airport is just 15 kilometres away from Levi centre. The airport bus, taxi, private minibuses or a limousine will drive you to the place you’re staying at.

Flights to Levi from Finland

Finnair flies daily from Helsinki to Kittilä all year round. In the high season there are several flights each day.
Finnair also fly to Rovaniemi, which is about 170 kilometres from Levi. The airport bus operates from the airport to Rovaniemi bus station, with bus connections to Levi.

Flight to Levi from Europe

During the winter season Finnair flies directly from Europe starting from December.

  • Check the arrival and departure schedules at Kittilä airport
  • The airport bus from Kittilä airport to Levi and viceversa operates after each scheduled flight.
  • Taxi stop at Kittilä airport. You can call a taxi at +358 200 99200 or +358 200 99800 (service numbers with a surcharge) or pre-book one via the Levi Tourist Information
  • You can also book a private minibus as well as a transfer by limousine – further details at, tel +358 16 639 3378.

2. Take the train to Levi

Levi is also conveniently accessible by train. Travelling by train makes the trip an exploring part of your holiday and if you are looking at saving daytime, you can take advantage of the night trains. Taking you car with you on the specifically allocated trains, allows you to continue your journey smoothly once you've arrived in Lapland.
The closest railway station is at Kolari, only 80 km (49 mi) away, followed by Rovaniemi, approximately 170 km (105 mi) from Levi centre. In Kolari a bus connection to Levi serves each train arrival. There are also good bus connections from Rovaniemi to Levi. 

3. Travel to Levi by bus

Those who appreciate their time and easy travel take a bus to Levi. As a bonus, you can enjoy the diverse Finnish landscape along the route.
During the winter season Onnibus offers several bus connections: the Helsinki-Lahti-Jyväskylä-Oulu-Rovaniemi route is relatively fast. Once in Levi you can focus on enjoying the scenaries and the services at Levi.

4. Driving to Levi

When driving, you can schedule your travel and plan on pleasant places to stop on the way. The roads in Lapland are popular with car travellers for the beautiful surrounding sceneries opening up along the way. The central location of Levi in Northern Lapland also makes it a popular base for exploring the surrounding area by car. 

More information on road connections
  • Distances to Levi: Rovaniemi 170 km, Tornio 270 km, Oulu 370 km, Kajaani 500 km, Kuopio 670 km, Vaasa 690 km, Jyväskylä 710 km, Joensuu 720 km, Tampere 850 km, Lahti 880 km, Helsinki 980 km, Turku 990 km

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