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Concerns regarding your visit to Levi?

Levi’s best expertise at your service!

Concerns regarding your visit to Levi? We have compiled some answers to frequently asked questions from our visitors.

Where is Levi located?

Levi is an all-year travel destination in Northern Lapland, at Sirkka village in the Kittilä municipality, approximately 170 km (105 mi) north of the Arctic Circle.

How to get to Levi?

You can easily get to Levi all year round by air, rail, bus or car. 

Where is the nearest airport?

Kittilä airport is just 15 km (9 mi) south of Levi, and a 10-minute drive away. There is an airport bus available for each arriving and departing domestic flight. Additionally, you can book a taxi or private airport transfers via Visit Levi.

Where is the nearest railway station?

The nearest railway station is located in Kolari, approximately 80 km (49 mi) from Levi. Each arrival at Kolari railway station has a bus connection to Levi. And each departing train has a bus connection. You can also take a train to Rovaniemi. Also, many trains to Rovaniemi have a bus connection to Levi, and back to Rovaniemi for the departing trains.

How to book an accommodation?

Book your accommodation easily online, or contact our destination experts at Visit Levi. E-mail us sales@visitlevi.fi or call +358 16 639 3370.

Need help with travel arrangements?

Visit Levi tourist information is usually open Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm. The tourist information gives guidance about services in the Levi region, such as accommodation and experiences. 

When does the skiing season start?

The cross-country skiing season starts in October on the snow stored from previous winter, and more skiing tracks will open when the temperatures hit the freezing zero. All the skiing tracks are suitable for both traditional and skating-style skiing. The downhill ski season opens at the front slopes in October with the snow from previous season, and more slopes will open as soon as the weather is cold enough to use snow cannons. The front slopes will be open up until May! The cross-country skiing season at Levi usually lasts until the end of April.

Can I rent ski equipment?

There are several rental services at Levi, where you can rent both alpine (skis, poles, boots, snow boards) and cross-country skiing equipment. At Levi you can also rent a ski helmet, snowshoes and appropriate clothing for outdoor activities. There are fatbikes for rent all-year-round, and a wide variety of other kinds of bike in summer.

Things to do in winter?

In addition to downhill and cross-country skiing, the 50 activity service providers offer all kinds of activities and experiences. You can, for example, participate in a guided group exercise! Then, dive into the bubbles of the spa, or challenge your friend at bowling. Experience Lapland’s taste world in several restaurants in the Levi region. Jump into the gondola and enjoy hot cocoa at the top of the fell. For art lovers there are several museums and galleries in the Levi and Kittilä regions, which are worth visiting. 

Are there winter hiking routes?

There are a total of 20 km (13 mi) of winter hiking routes around Levi. The routes are maintained with a snowmobile to facilitate hiking. Routes are suitable for people in normal physical condition. Please note the weather conditions.

Things to do in summer?

The Levi summer is very versatile as the magical golden sun casts its light over the fell. Because the sun doesn’t set at all, you can, for example, play golf in the middle of the night. Mid-summer is also the perfect time to enjoy kayaking, go fishing, enjoy the thrills of riding bikes of different types and have a sauna no matter the time of day. Take a gondola to the top of Levi to look at the breath-taking landscapes in every direction.

When can you see the Northern Lights?

The enchanting Northern Lights appear with the dark nights at end the of August, and they are more frequent in the autumn than in the winter. The best way to see the auroras is to stay under a clear, dark northern sky, when there are no disturbing lights around. Levi’s aurora period lasts until April.

Where to eat at Levi?

There are around 60 restaurants and a total of 15,500 seats, so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find your favourite. Most of the restaurants provide local specialities and traditional dishes, but international options are also available. Levi has a variety of bars, pubs and clubs as well. During the most popular weeks of winter and spring, we recommend booking in advance.

What is Samiland?

Samiland is a project of the UNESCO Observatory Cultural Village programme, which is open at Levi Summit Congress Centre. Samiland contains an exhibition area outdoors and in, where the European Union's only indigenous people’s history and present are on display.

Is there a spa at Levi?

Yes, there is. The Levi Hotel Spa is one of the best in Finland! There are 17 pools, small and large, indoors and out, a range of saunas and a water slide. Various lights, sounds, and natural phenomena create compelling experiences for visitors of all ages.

Where to see reindeer?

There are many reindeer at Levi. In winter, the reindeer are in paddocks and give many visitors reindeer rides. In summertime the reindeer mainly herd in the wild, moving around freely on the fells and even on the streets of Levi Centre.

Traveling with your pet?

Staying at Levi with your pet is easy. There are many accommodation options which allow pets but remember to mention them when booking. Also, in the Levi Travel shop you can refine your search using “Pets allowed”. The tail waggers are a familiar sight at Levi, and you can even take your furry friends with you onto restaurant terraces while enjoying your meal.

The Levi region offers activities for you and your pet all-year-round. The greatest stage for action is mother nature, where jogging together with your pet can be a memorable experience. Levi is located in a reindeer husbandry area, so your dog must be on a leash. This also means that on some trips there may be times when you can’t take your pet with you. When this happens, we have a pet day-care centre where you can safely leave your pet for a couple of hours or even days, depending on your needs.

What should you experience?

There are five experiences, the "Big Five" of Levi, which you should see at least once: The Northern Lights, the husky safari, the reindeer ride, the snowshoe hiking and the snowmobile safari. Have you experienced them all?



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