Levi's future strategy
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Levi's future strategy

The story of Levi's Future

We love Levi

"Levi is shared with all. We receive guests the same way we would if we were inviting them into our own home. And this is manifestly true, as Levi is our home – our village in the north – where we live all year round.

We extend our hospitality to all our clients. We believe that when we treat each other in an understanding manner, with respect and appreciation, the experience is mutual. Indeed, our mission is to offer the best services in the Arctic region, responsibly and experientially.

Our own wellbeing has primary importance to allow us to be able to take good care of our guests. Consequently, our goal is to create the best possible conditions for residential living and for our working efforts. At Levi, everyone has a future that is predictable, manageable, understandable and attractive.

All our functions are guided by a sense of responsibility. Not just assuming it for individuals, our personnel and clients, but also providing care and attention for the environment – as it is precisely the Arctic nature surrounding us that enables everything we do.

Our operations and range of services are transparent. We act fairly and openly, smartly and systematically. Our gaze is on the horizon – on the year 2030, which is defined by balance, a sense of community, and high quality. Our purpose is to definitely make life richer in significance for all.

This is why it is so easy to fall in love with Levi. And not just us, but everyone around us. It is on this foundation that we are building our joint future. Levi is one and unique."

Levi strategy 2030


Levi has always been developed and planned with consideration as a result of which Levi is today the largest ski center in Finland based on the number of visitors. In Levi, it has always been about cooperation and planning for the future - we have not frozen in place even during the worst recession. It has been seen here that the world does not end with the first fall, nor with one depression or downturn.

The ingredients of today's recipe for success are:

  • Cooperation and structures

  • Strong and committed entrepreneurs, "Spirit of Levi"

  • Open-mindedness, passion, courage

  • Versatile services

  • Fast reaction to changes / Responsiveness

  • Desire to develop even in difficult times

  • Planned zoning

  • Airport

  • Wonderful Arctic nature, the cleanest air in the world

Development of the area has been defined by Levi's development plans, of which the Levi 3 development plan was completed in 2004, the Levi 4 development plan in 2015 and Levi Future Work framework 2022. The work has been done together with entrepreneurs and other actors in the area. Levi's Future Work is a rolling strategy that will be reviewed and evaluated regularly together with the actors in the area.

We love Levi and want to take care of it in the future as well. Let's make the future together!

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