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Whether it's a family celebration, a get-together with a group of friends, or a busy workshop or conference, you can find a suitable place and activities for the occasion in Levi!

Levi provides countless opportunities for an active and indulgent holiday all year round. Be captivated by the magic of Levi whilst trekking, skiing, or relaxing in a sauna.

How would a wedding party in a snow castle or on a ferry cruise sound like? Or an evening with a group of friends in the fell scenery enjoying a sauna and a hot tub? Or a meeting held on top of the fell in a fully equipped conference room?

All this, and much more, can be found in Levi. Request an offer and we will tailor a trip of your dreams for your group!

See below an example of a well acclaimed experience!


Enjoy a calming, tranquil evening in a small, idyllic Lappish village situated on the bank of the Ounasjoki River, one of Finland’s longest free-flowing rivers!
Feel the magic of summertime.
Breathe the cleanest air in the world.
Let the story of the "nightless night" reveal the secrets of living in a Lappish cottage living and soak up the good energy of the sauna.

Programme description:
You will be received by the Sauna Elf in the idyllic summer milieu of the Elf Village. Enjoy the vista of a Lappish courtyard: the traditional and gorgeous fields full of flowers, the beautiful old log buildings, each with their own story to tell. Seeing the courtyard is, in itself, an experience! At the Elves' personal little herb garden, we will get to know the powerful herbs of Lapland. Enjoy their scent and taste and pick some herbs to take with us for our evening meal.

Back at the courtyard we will listen to a story about Finnish sauna culture. The Finnish sauna tradition has been added to UNESCO's list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. According to official studies, just 15 minutes in the warmth of a sauna can lower your blood pressure and have a positive effect on your mood.
The traditional sauna building is a pleasant sight on the bank of Ounasjoki River. We will clean off the "city dust" and relax in the gentle warmth of a good wood-burning sauna. With the help of the Sauna Hostess, each guest will have a refreshing herbal foot bath. The outdoor jacuzzi is wonderful for relaxing while enjoying bathing in the sauna; the most daring bathers may enjoy swimming in the Ounasjoki River.

After getting thoroughly clean in the sauna, you'll be sure to have a good appetite for a filling dinner. Together with our guests, a local chef will prepare a delicious dinner on the outdoor fire pit in the barbecue hut. The theme of the menu is based on the idea of highlighting the nature around us, the bounty of the forest, and the local traditions of Finnish cottage living. It's fun to work together!

Example of Menu:

Starter: Wild herb soup (seasoned with herbs that you have picked).
Main course: A meal cooked over an open fire; options: meat/fish/vegetable.
Dessert: Traditional pancakes and blueberry or cloudberry jam with "soot pot" coffee / tea made over an open fire.
Drinks: ice water and home-made berry juice.

The evening ends in the quiet and tranquility of the courtyard as the midnight sun still beams brightly in the northern sky, with the loud chirping of the birds from the woods as the only sound around you.

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