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Levipassi is a discount card for employees working in Levi area. Levipassi provides discounted prices and benefits at local services. 

To get your Levipassi, follow the steps below: 

  1. Check Employer Eligibility: Ensure that your employer is a marketing partner of Visit Levi and offers a Levipassi benefit. You are eligible for Levipassi only if you work for a company that is a Visit Levi marketing partner and offers the Levipassi benefit. 

  2. Access Training Material: The Levipassi training material can be found here. Download the training material from the Files section. You do not need to log in anywhere. Levipassi material includes the link to the Levipassi test (located at the end of the document). If you end up to a page asking you to log in or create an account, return to the levi.fi/levipassi page. 

  3. Approval Process: The process of issuing Levipassi takes approximately 5 business days. After passing the test, you will receive a confirmation email from Cardu. Please check your spam folder as well. Download the Cardu app to your phone. The Levipassi will appear in the Cardu app after it has been issued. 

The Levipassi training material is available here: levipassi ww.levi.fi/

Note: If you share this information with a colleague, please share the address www.levi.fi/levipassi rather than copying the link from the training material page. 

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