As a pioneer in Levi!

For a visitor, the magnificent, unspoilt nature and spectacular landscapes of Levi cap off a great holiday. The preservation of these is easy to promote, without sacrificing any holiday spirit. Whether on holiday or at home - it is just as easy to be environmental friendly.

Be a pioneer - look after the environment also on your travels!

Five simple ways

It is better for 100 people to do 5 things for the environment, than for only 5 to do 100 things. With these tips it is easy to preserve the nature.

1. Save energy

While in Levi, switch off any extra lights and enjoy the 24 hours of daylight during the summer, and the magically short days and darkness in winter.

2. Enjoy tap water

The tap water in Levi is clean and fresh - ready for drinking.

3. Give your car a rest

While on holiday, physical activities will freshen up your mind and body, and the nature around you will also be grateful.

4. Be litter-free

If there isn't a litter bin around, take your litter to the next waste point, even the smallest objects. It's so easy to be environmental friendly.

5. Choose local

You will get the smartest holiday food from local producers. The hunger for culture can also be satisfied with the local supply.

Let's travel sustainably

According to the principles of sustainable tourism, the needs of the tourists and the destinations are connenctes, respecting the local culture and the environment. The idea of sustainable tourism is to preserve the cultural heritage of the target area and to protect valuable natural areas. At the same time, sustainable tourism supports the economy of the area.

Have the courage to ask questions about environmental issues . it signals that, as a visitor, you are interested in the environment. Give feedback to tour operators, restaurants, hotels, also gratitude when you notice green choises. All holiday resorts want to develop in line with the wishes of visitors!

TIP: When you travel a little out of season, you will attain discounts from many places while also at the same time supporting the year-round activity of the location. Off-season not only means the months between the high seasons, but also the quieter early weeks.

Green tips for holidaying in Levi

Pick up easy tips for staying, travelling, takin part in activities and shopping in Levi.

Visit Levi is the northernmost office in Finland who has the Green Office-sertificate from WWF