It is always nice to take souvenirs home after a memorable trip.

Favour durable products, instead of those that are disposable. And enjoy your local meal!

Shopping and eating

Visit souvenir shops and acquaint yourself also with Lappish and Finnish products, showing local materials, traditions and good handiwork.

Favour products which are more environmentally friendly, ask the sales person about the method of manufacture of the product. Your money holds a great deal of power – and demand increases the supply!

Test the delicious local and organic food options of restaurants.

Test the offer of the local activity and program providers as an unforgettable experience is many times the best souvenir -  a memory that lasts forever!

Explore the local culture, you will certainly find some things unique! Check Visit Levi or for ideas and tips.

TIP: By favouring local products and services during your travels, you will support the vitality of the region. At the same time, you will become more familiar with the local culture and people. The journey will at the time be unique! 


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